Bouvier des Flandres


Bouvier des Flandres - Group I. - Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs, Section 1 - Cattle Dogs with working trial. Recognized in the year 1922nd.

General Appearance:

The Bouvier des Flandres is a calm and tough, but also open-minded and totally fearless, absolutely incorruptible and very alert guard, distrustful up suspicious of all strangers but loyal and completely dedicated to the owner and his family. Its attitude is calm, in unusual situations, reserved and wary. It is never aggressive or even if necessary, is ready to immediately intervene and work very hard. Its behaviour shows considerable intelligence, courage and vibrancy.


Suitable for the staff service and sports training, but in any case you cannot enjoy coercive and coercive training methods. It is a very proud, self-assured and confident, aware of its physical potential, therefore it belongs only to experienced owner, breeder, who is patient and consistent. In its early youth widely socialized from an early age and kindly, but utterly consistently led the Bouvier des Flandres is an excellent and well-to-use companion with humans.

Bouvier des Flandres requires plenty of exercise, but at a time of very rapid growth it should not be physically overloaded. In adulthood it may undergo professional training or sports (track, defence, obedience according to one of the test systems), training rescue etc.. It may also attend for an adequate grounding in pulling contests.

At the time of very rapid growth is particularly demanding on the content of food. Necessary is calcium, and vitamin C, chondroprotectives.


It is a robust, powerful dog compact body, strong bones, with muscular limbs, always without the slightest hint of weakness or clumsiness, short body frame and overall a very solid body structure. Rich rough coat it fully protects against inclement weather. Withers at height, male from 62 to 68 cm and female, between 59-65 cm with a tolerance of + / -1 cm for both sexes. Weight of body , male from 35-40 kg for female, from 27 to 35 kg.

The head is strong, massive. Coat on the muzzle creates a striking moustache and beard. The skull is flat above, robust, broadest be between earlobes. Front cutting machine is barely indicated. Because eyebrows should be obvious, it seems to be the front slope greater than it actually is.

The muzzle is broad, powerful, strong bones and tapering gradually toward the nose. But it should never be pointed. Nose large, rounded on the sides, always black, with wide open nostrils.

Lips tightly fitting to the jaws and teeth, their edges are coloured black. Jaws must be very powerful and equally long. It requires a complete set of teeth and scissor or pincer bite. The teeth must be large, white, healthy, arranged in a continuous row.

Eyes should be horizontal oval shape; their expression is sincere and energetic. Iris should be compared to the coat colour as dark as possible. Light-coloured eyes or wild expression is evaluated as a serious fault. The rims are black, without any pigmented spots. The conjunctiva must not be seen on rims must fit snugly to the eyeballs.

The earlobes are set high, very mobile. When they are cropped (where permitted by law) must be erect, triangular in shape, match the size of the head. Un-cropped are set high, above the eye line, drooping forward. They should be moderately long, equilateral triangle, slightly rounded at the tops. They’re flat against the cheeks with the exception of cases where the bases for lift off easily (e.g. in the heat of passion).

The neck has a smooth transition into the shoulders and be carried high enough, strong and well muscled. The body must be massive, tightly "tied" and short. Topline body should be in the back and loins are firm. The back should be short, broad, muscular appropriately, flexible, without any signs of weakness. The loin is short, broad, muscular, strong, but flexible. The croup should be as straight as possible.

The tail should be set high and forms a continuation of the topline of the body. If bobtail, it's not warrant penalties. Docked with leaves 2-3 caudal vertebrae (where permitted by law). In countries where docking is not permitted, may be naturally long.

The chest is broad and deep, front ribs are slightly arched, the back should be rounded. The abdomen is slightly tucked up, flanks must be short. The forelegs are straight, strong bones, properly musculed and parallel. Shoulders are well muscled shoulder bones must be adequately sloped; the forearms are straight, muscular, mutually parallel and perpendicular to the substrate. Wrists are strong, on the back side of a protruding pisiform bone; pasterns are short, strong, slightly slanted. Feet are short circular shaped, with tightly closed and adequately arched toes, thick and rigid padded and thick, black-coloured claws.

The hindquarters must be strong, very muscular and parallel. Thighs are broad, powerfully muscled and parallel. Lower thigh should be moderately long, muscular; hocks must be broad, solid and relatively low over the base. The hocks should be solid, dry, almost cylindrical and parallel. Dewclaws should be removed. The movement should be harmonious, free, energetic and proud, is also permissible pacing.

The coat is abundant, coarse and bristly, acts somewhat unkempt appearance. The outer coat is hard and rough, soft undercoat, soft and dense. It should never be curly outer coat. The undercoat is thicker in the winter and together with the topcoat is the perfect protection against the weather and water. The coat should be long and about 5.5 - 6 cm.

Coat colour is usually grey or streaked with black "sauce". Uniform colour is also possible, but it is not preference. Small white badge on the front of the chest is tolerated. Coat requires regular maintenance. Once a week combing comb long hair comb and then comb the undercoat denser and shorter pins. At least twice a year, it is necessary to shorten the hair trimming.

Faults from the standard requirements must be considered as defects and evaluated precisely by the seriousness with regard to the health and welfare of the dog or bitch.

Faults are aggression and excessive fearfulness, the atypical nature of the overall appearance, nose or de-pigmented differently than black-coloured, muzzle pointed at the end, marked overshot or undershot jaw, the absence of any teeth except the first premolars (P1), glassy eyes ( whitish colour) or wild expression, entropion, ectropion, de-pigmented eye rims coat colour chocolate brown, white, pepper and salt, whitish, yellow-beige different shades (from very light to red), even if it is black "sauce "(black ends of hair), withers height defying the requirements of the standard.