Brit Care Mini Lamb fillets in gravy for puppies

  • Excellent palatability
  • Enriched with prebiotics for good digestion
  • Contains rosemary, curcuma, cloves, citrus, and blueberries
  • Perfect for picky dogs
  • Variants
    • 0.085 kg
    Pieces of meat fillets in delicious gravy are an ideal supplement to granules and for added variety in the diets of picky dogs of small and mini breeds. Complete superpremium food for puppies of mini breeds.

    Composition: 85% meat and animal by-products in fillets (8% lamb), 9.6% meat gravy, 1.5% herbs and fruit (cloves, citrus, rosemary, curcuma), 0.5% blueberries, 1% minerals, 1% salmon oil, 0.5% mannanoligosaccharides, 0.5% fructooligosaccharides, 0.4% inulin

    Analytical ingredients: crude protein 10%, crude fat 5%, crude ash 2.3%, crude fibres 0.4%, moisture 82%, calcium 0.3%, phosphorus 0.2%, sodium 0.5%

    Nutritional composition: vitamin D3 (E671) 280 IU, vitamin E (3a700) 120 mg, zinc (3b606) 16 mg, iron (3b103) 12mg, manganese (3b502) 3.5 mg, iodine (3b201) 0.8 mg, copper (E4) 0.6 mg, biotin (3a880) 0.2 mg. No artificial aromas. No preservatives.

    Metabolizable energy: 865 kcal/kg