Which food u will recommend for West Highland White Terier?

16.10.2018 Answers: 2 Alex Karpovich

Which food u will recommend for West Highland White Terier? I try Brit Care Adult Small Breed Lamb & Rice, but one of my dogs start to fart, and his hair color changed from shiny white to light pink and deep red color. I tried Brit Care Mini Grain Free Yorkshire his coat returned to perfect white color, but after 3 weeks allergy started, but hard to know it's seasons fall allergy or on food ingredients. Thansk!

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  • Ing. Martin Kváš
    Nutrition specialist


    Hallo, for white dogs of small breed is intentded food Brit Care Mini Hair & Skin with higher content of salmon meat and oil from evening primerose. But in this situation would be better to use food with other ingredients, e.g. lamb, rabbit, venison. Pls could You write me on mail martin.kvas@vafo.cz and describe me exact signs of this allergy? If it is more convenient for You, You can write me in russian. Many thanks Martin Kvas


    • Alex Karpovich


      Thx, i will write to ur e-mail.


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