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  • Can I buy directly from you to the U.K.

    14.10.2017 Answers: 3

    The three retail outlets I have found in the U.K. (Just for Pets, Pets Expert and Zoo Bio) have no stock of Brit Premium Medium Junior and Adult... - can I order directly from you to the U.K.

    Others Rough Collie

  • Canned food - ingredients

    11.10.2017 Answers: 1

    Hi, please let me know the ingredients of canned food. Is there only meat or also vegetables (which vegetables). Thank you

    Education Dachshund Miniature / Rabbit Smooth haired

  • Distributor in Belgium

    30.9.2017 Answers: 1

    Hi! I would like to know to you have any other distributor in Belgium, as the one You have is not answering either his email or phone (Rohnny Vanoirbeek Davidstraat 50 B3806 Velm T: +32 (0)11 68 75 22 M: +32 (0)497 62 57 57 F: +32 (0)11 69 19 26). Bought Brit food in one of the local dog shows, my senior loves it and I would love to buy more yet I find it impossible to do as the person clearly is not interested in selling to individuals. Is there's any other way I could buy this food in Belgium? Any other shop/vet corner/distributor? Thank You in advance, G.

    Others Rottweiler

  • Omega fatty acids

    29.9.2017 Answers: 1

    Can you tell me how much of Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids i? There is nothing about in the food analysis. Thank you, Marina

    Nutrition Old English sheepdog

  • Breeders conditions

    29.9.2017 Answers: 1

    Hi - where can I get Brit in Germany with breeders conditions? Thank you for helping! Marina

    Others Old English sheepdog

  • buy your food

    25.9.2017 Answers: 1

    Goodmorning, i live in Hungarya and have a kennel with 26 dogs. I want to buy the Brit food but dont speak hungaryan. Who can i call to buy or order the food. Greetz, Rene

    Nutrition Australian Shepherd

  • What product should I choose?

    19.9.2017 Answers: 1

    Hello! Now my puppy is 13 weeks old and her weight is 6.5kg. When she will be a grown up, she will weight up to 25-30kg. And so I have a question - what product should I choose - for large dogs or for medium sized dogs? Using your feeding table I'm not able to decide it because she is right between them.

    Nutrition Appenzell Cattle Dog

  • Sodium - Brit Care

    12.9.2017 Answers: 1

    Hello, I'm writing to you in order to know the content of sodium in "salmon&potato" and "dog show champion" references. Regards, FB

    Nutrition Dachshund Wired haired

  • Сухой корм

    5.9.2017 Answers: 1

    Здравствуйте! Покупаю своей собаке сухой корм Брит, супер премиум, мешки 18 кг. Кормом я и моя собака очень довольны! Вам спасибо за его отличный состав и самочувствие моей собаки! Зайдя на ваш сайт, я не обнаружила мешков с такой расфасовкой. Скажите пожалуйста! Действительно ли существует такой вес мешка? Большое спасибо! С уважением, Наталия и Жора (лабрадор - ретривер).

    Others Labrador Retriever

  • I want to become wholesaler Brit for dogs

    13.7.2017 Answers: 1

    I want to become a wholesaler of Brit for dogs. Am I at the right address?

    Others Dalmatian

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