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  • Food question

    5.9.2018 Answers: 1

    Can i feed my cat the brit premium sausage?

    Education British Long-haired Cat

  • Daily amount for active dog

    29.12.2017 Answers: 1

    Due to the table of "Brit Care Dog Show Champion", I should give 200g/day for my 20kg dog. Question is, should I give more if my dog is active and has high appetite ? What consequences I should expect after giving more g/day ? Could it cause farting and similar digestion problems ?


  • calories

    28.12.2017 Answers: 1

    How many calories has a can of brit tuna salmon?


  • How can I be a seller of your products?

    22.12.2017 Answers: 1

    I await your contact by email. greetings Daniel

    Others Boxer

  • Percentage of potatoes in Brit Care Coco

    15.12.2017 Answers: 1

    Hello, Could you tell me what is the % of dried potatoes in you line Brit care Cocco ? Thanks, Rgds.


  • Allergy question

    12.12.2017 Answers: 1

    Hello, I have a cat highly allergic to any form of soy and rice. Does your food Brit Care Cat - Cocco I´m Gourmand contain any amount of it? I have seen it says no soy but does it contain soy/rice oils, milk, powder, etc ? Thanks

    Education Russian Blue Cat

  • Distributor in Romania?

    28.11.2017 Answers: 4

    Hello. Do you have an official distributor in Romania (one that can provide your products to pet shops)? Thank you!

    Others The Havanese

  • Purchase of products for the distribution

    20.11.2017 Answers: 2

    Dear Sir/Mm, My company intends to purchase your products for the distribution in Azerbaijan. Please consult me for the contacting of relevant officials in your company. I appreciate your kind help and looking forward hearing from you, Maharram Hajiyev

    Others Australian Shepherd

  • Distribution in Belarus

    7.11.2017 Answers: 1

    Hello, do you have an official distributor in Belarus, or do you sell your product at online shops? If you don't have any distributors in Belarus and you would like to work in this country, please give me your contacts. I offer you valuable cooperation.

    Others Basset Hound

  • Distribution in Belarus (BY)

    7.11.2017 Answers: 1

    Hello! We are interesting for your product and want to buy it for our internet shop in Belarus. Do you have an official distributor in Italy or no? Thank you for help!

    Others American Cocker Spaniel

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