Affenpinscher - Group II. - Pinschers and Schnauzers, Molossoid breeds, Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs.

General Appearance:

Although it is for many generations, companion dog (also previously known as a Ladieswear) is absolutely fearless, alert and very tough, independent, relentlessly energetic, up with wild enthusiasm for the activities of all kinds, including various "adventures". It has a sense of humour. It can be mischievous circumstances, not only cute but also quite serious, and again the receptivity it resembles a monkey. Additionally, under all circumstances it is watchful guard, but mostly it is remained loyal, obedient and beloved man´s companion. Practically, it is still hilarious, literally bursting with joie de vivre.

It acts entirely friendly, never aggressive. It likes to cuddle, it is very affectionate and enthusiastically playing with the children, while the circumstances may be a little loud with small children it is not getting well, e.g. it does not tolerate when kids take its toys etc. Temperament reminds small Terriers breeds.


With other dogs and small pets it is tolerated well, especially it suits, if it can play with them. It is a little jealous to owner when its owner pays more attention to another. Its education is not difficult because it is intelligent and quick to learn, but it must be consistent graciously. This breed has excellent prerequisites for agility and others dog sports that suit its size.


It is a small, stocky, compact, but not burly dog, if possible, square body frame, with a facial expression resembling a monkey. The length of body should be almost the same as height at withers for male and female is 25-30 cm (the original standard is height at withers 25-28 cm, ideal. about 26 cm). Weight of body is 4-6 kg.

Circle of harsh hair around its face makes the typical monkey-like expression. Skull is round rather than elongated, altogether not too large or coarse. Above shall be rounded up, with protruding (convex) face. The frontal slope (stop) is steep. Muzzle should be short and flat nasal bridge, must never be uttered so that the nose pointing upwards. It is round, full, black.

Lips are tight fitting the jaws and teeth and black rimmed. Lower jaw protrudes beyond the top and is slightly curved upwards. Full 42 teeth which must be pure white. The incisors in a healthy mouth should be arranged in the jaws as possible in a row forming a slight curve. The canines and incisors must not be visible when the mouth is closed as well as the language. Lack of two 1st, 2nd or 3rd premolars (P1 - 3) or any of the other two teeth of these categories is declared admissible despite the requirement of full dentition.

Eyes should be dark, rather round and full (must never be sunken) with black pigmented eye rims that fit close to the eyeballs. They are framed by rough hair.

The earlobes should be high, erect or drooping forward symmetrical shape of the letter "V". If you are drooping forward, the inner edges must fit snugly to the head.
The neck is straight, rather short with strong set (at the shoulder), hard. The skin on the neck is tight not constitute even a hint lobe.

The body must be strong and short, which is important for compact overall appearance of the individual. Topline body should be almost straight from the tap and gently slopes towards the rear. Withers are its highest point. The back should be strong, short and solid. The loin is short and strong. The distance from the last rib to the hip should be as short as possible, which is essential for the compactness of the fuselage.

The croup should be short, slightly rounded, flowing to merge with the tail. Tail is left naturally long and it is desirable to be carried sabre or curved sickle.

The chest should be party only slightly flattened, appropriately wide and reaching to below elbows. Abdomen is slightly drawn the bottom line of the body should be almost parallel to the top line.

The forelegs are relatively strong, straight and parallel to each other. Their position may be too narrow. Shoulders should be muscular, blades long, flat attached to the chest and oblique. Shoulder bones close to the body must be strong and well muscled. Forearms should be thick and completely flat when viewed from either side, wrists steady and strong, pasterns when viewed from the front vertical to substrate when viewed from the side, slightly slanted and strong. Feet should be short, round shape ( "cat") with fingers tightly closed and well arched, rough padded and short, thick, black-coloured claws. Hind legs are slightly longer than the forequarters, with tightly closed, adequately arched toes and short black claws.

Movement should be relaxed, fluent but mincing, with a reasonably hearty events (reflection) hindquarters. When viewed from the front and rear extremities must point straight ahead and be parallel to each other.

Skin is fitting, closely over all body.

The coat should be pure black with black undercoat. Defects include coarse or too lightweight body structure, excessively long or too short limbs, bright eyes, ears set low, very long, asymmetrically set or laterally protruding, back excessively long, uttered, soft or roach, stern overly sloping tail already facing from the root to the head, hindquarters too bent or bowed stance, feet long, short hair, soft, wavy, shaggy, silky, white or mottled colour.