Pekingese - Group  XI. - Companion and Toy Dogs, Section 8 - Japanese Chin and Pekingese dogs.

General Appearance:

It's a dog devoted and loyal to its owner, but also immensely proud, confident and courageous despite its size. Its behaviour is at all times dignified and confident, never timid or aggressive. There was appropriate self-esteem, and therefore it can never do any slavish or fawning.

It is calm, oblivious to strangers. With unfamiliar dogs it is usually also just enemy, but it certainly does not seek disputes with them. It loves its peace and comfort. It does not like to be disturbed, if it wants to relax, or when it eats. It is not suitable companion for small games, restless, much less hyperactive children and those that they are not properly instructed how to behave with it, there must not be touch its pride. It's just similar to the Chinese imperial majesty.

It hates when you screamed at it, even it was doing what it should not. Such it acts and authorized harsh verbal rebuke, it feels grossly affected in grandeur inherited from its ancient ancestors of the imperial dogs. Among other things, it is also extremely sensitive. It has so much confidence that it cannot command too, but even if it is small, it must be well-behaved.


Education is a basic rule of gentle consistency and positive stimulation, sincere praise and a small reward (treat) for each completed order. Punishment only hardens because it is easily offended, and then it is not communicating.

From all this it follows that it is hardly a suitable breed for everyone. That it is said, of course, it does not mean that it did not get a proper education, just the opposite. This is necessary, but it must be conducted with sensitivity, a measure of consistency and uncompromising. Soon it understands what you want from it and what not, but because it has a certain tendency to domineering, always it is trying to follow its own particular decision.

The owner must therefore be patient and perseverance to it with due tact and without unnecessary rift convinced that dog can do what you can. 

Unquestioning obedience from it, however, the owner cannot accept always rather a mutual "tacit agreement", which presupposes certain concessions from both sides.


It's small, low and noble dog looks balanced and dignified behaviour, "lion" appearance, lively and intelligent expression. Any signs of respiratory distress under normal climatic conditions are unacceptable and strongly penalized. Perfect weight of body it cannot exceeding 5 kg male and female is 5.4 kg. It has to be small, but surprisingly heavy when lifted. Heavy bone and a sturdy well-built body are typical breeding characteristics.

The head is large, generally wider than taller. The skull should be broad between the earlobes flat, never to be sprung from above. Between the eyes it must have the proper width.

The nose must be short and wide, black-coloured as well as the lips, and eyelids. The nostrils are large and open.

Wrinkles, continuous or intermittent, extend from the cheeks after the bridge of the nose in the shape of a wide-open "V". Must not adversely affect or obscure eyes or nose.

Teeth and tongue must not be in any case seen.

The eyes are large, round, dark, bright and shiny. They must not show any obvious defects to be watery, muddy.

The earlobes have a heart-shaped shape, they are fitted level with the top of the head (i.e. High), suspended. Close to head. Pinnacles own ears (not the hair) do not reach the lower edge of the muzzle. Coat them to form long curtains.

Chest is wide, formed properly sprung ribs, as if suspended between forelegs.

The tail should be set high, tightly twisted arch over back to one side, long coated.

The coat is long, straight and forms a rich mane around the neck, which extends to below the shoulder. Hair of top coat is thicker, softer undercoat. Are amply feathered ears, back of the front and hind legs, tail and paws, but the length and amount of hair does not hide the contour lines of the body. All colours and markings are permissible and of equal except albino or liver. For multicolour individuals to be adjusted colours evenly distributed.