Pyrenean Mastiff


Pyrenean Mastiff Group II. - Pinschers and Schnauzers, Molossoid breeds, Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs.

General Appearance:

Its character is an intelligent, balanced and courageous it’s aware of its strength and physical superiority over people and most other dogs, which are also the subject of its leanings towards independence. Unjustifiably its physical condition never exploits, it is basically good-natured and non-aggressive.

To its owner and members of owner´s family behaves always friendly and generous, it is fully dedicated and loyal. To children is friendly, affectionate and patient, due to its powerful status is recommended that children who it is playing with they must know it or their parents must keep their eye on game

Although currently most breeds are social, it remains very vigilant guard, ready, if necessary, e.i. someone breaking to property, it is very independent breed, it starts solving problems itself.  The presence of unauthorized persons it is announcing by deep barking, which is its current alerts and warnings that it is ready, "its family-pack" to defend emphatically. It is truth its look and body prevent everybody from illegal actions.

Temperament & Behaviour:

It may stay all year round in an outdoor kennel, but it needs the most frequent and longest contact with people, therefore, it must not be permanently closed.

Because it is a huge dog, very strong, well trained, must under all circumstances, even in adulthood perfectly controllable. It is imperative to teach it already as a puppy walking on a leash without pulling, as they handle all the forces stretching adult, this dog can be sometime very difficult to manage.

They must be guided by benevolent but utterly stubbornly consistent education from earliest childhood. This is part of the owner cannot do without proper dose of patience and perseverance, therefore, it belongs to this breed only in the hands of people calm, sober and above all consistent, gifted natural authority, they are able to fully enforce peacefully. It is necessary also an early and widest socialization. Against some dogs, which it considers too intrusive, it tends to act dominantly. You may need to bother members of the small breed male "suffering" syndrome of small breeds, i.e. Napoleonic complex. Contrary it is generous to small pets (pets), including cats.


It's big, truly impressive, powerfully built dog not lacking in elegance. The format of the body should be short rectangular. Height at withers, male is 70 to 80 cm for females 65 to 75 cm.

The head is not in proportion to the overall size of the body so powerful. Party is relatively flat.

The width of the skull in its widest part has to be the same as its measured length of the line between the inner corners of the eye to the top of the occiput. The blade is slightly arched. Sagittal crest should be well palpable, occiput not pronounced. It has the skull in its rear part shape refracted (Gothic) arch.

The muzzle should be slightly shorter than the skull is broad and toward the nose gradually narrowing. When viewed from above has the shape of a "V" with a rounded tip. Under the eyes are well filled (slack). The nose must be completely black.

The lips are not too deep and loose, upper right cover the mandible. Their edges are black or very densely speckled black - as well as the palate of the mouth. A full set of teeth, the teeth must be healthy, white. Bite should be scissors upper teeth have closely overlap down teeth so that they touch each other. Level bite is permissible in the case that both mandibular central incisors (little pincers) are moving forward.

The eyes are rather small, almond-shaped, slightly oblique, intelligent, sober expression and amber-brown colour. The eyelids may never be free and their edges must be black, gentle, dreamy and essentially serious.

The earlobes are deployed in line at the eye, fairly small, triangular in shape with rounded tops, suspended and the area adjacent to the head. In alertness they are somewhat at bases lifted.

The neck is strong, not too long, with not big dewlap on neck. The back must be reasonably long, strong. The loin is moderately long and croup should be slightly sloping, with prominent bumps pelvic bones. Tail reaches at least to the bumps calcaneus is richly feathered hair on its underside forms called flag. In repose carried hanging, if possible, at the end of the upward bent to form a hook. In action carried high and curled so that the tip touches the loin.

The forelegs should be strong in the position vertically to ground. Dewclaws on both hind limbs have to be doubled. Well developed forelegs may be single or double. Movement is energetic and fun, never to be cumbersome. Action limbs rather than fast, but it must be flexible and elegant, thanks to the tireless angulations.

Hair colouring can be uniformly white or white with grey (or badger grey wolf) or pale yellow or orange (rusty) patches on the head, ears, the base of the tail and sometimes on other parts of the body. Characters badger grey colour is preferred.