Doberman-Group II - Pinschers and Schnauzers, Molossoid breeds, Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs.

General Appearance:

Doberman character despite various false rumours and slanders is peaceful, friendly, family and children very affectionate loving dog that is of course also hardy and tough and can be pretty insistent. It tends to be a "one-man dog" and who it will be, it decides itself.

It guards very strictly „its" people and their property. It gets the same time with remarkable courage and tenacity, but also the independence and self-esteem stemming from justified confidence in its own strength, agility and speed. It is a born defender and guard it excels in extraordinary vigilance. To unknown persons trying to enter the territory guarded by it well behaved, trained Doberman never attack only stopped, let go farther and barking. In case of threat to its family or itself, it reacts swiftly and with maximally vigour under the slogan "The best defence is a good offense."


It is sometimes regarded as an aggressive, offensive and intolerant to other dogs breed and indeed such it can be, if you do not give it early and appropriate widest socialization and proper education. Doberman is exactly what the owner has and what was upbringing. If it is properly socialized and well-behaved, never attacks without reason.

It has no problems with other dogs (if not provoke it), even with pets and children. However, it can only be a companion older children, properly briefed, reliable and with a sense of responsibility. Never tease, taunt or even humiliating - it bears very heavily. If own children play with strange children and there was a rift or even tussle and scuffle, it is very likely that it would intervene in defence of "its children". Such situations must to be prevented. It is up to the owners to be cautious and prescient.

Doberman requires quiet, kindly, but utterly consistent training, with which you need to start (playful method) from day when you take your small puppy. It belongs only to the owners who have with dogs previous experience, thoughtful, calm, patient, under all circumstances absolutely consistent and fair, gifted with natural authority, which can in all situations peacefully exercise, and able to deal with it always totally consistent. They must abound characteristics of a true leader "pack". Who is lacking the errors committed Doberman spoils fairly quickly. Spoiled or unruly individual is then an unpleasant companion. People who are moody, distracted, lacking natural authority, inexperienced, nervous and inconsistent would never have become its owners.

Any hard or even drastic method during training and it is never necessary. It's a dog very tough but also sensitive, which every unjust or excessive punishment only further hardened. It should come with it for good, but quite clearly and unambiguously. Much more it depends on intonation. When its intelligence, cleverness and docility soon understands what is possible and what is not, and it will respect. Education is unnecessarily harsh in any case counterproductive.


It is a medium sized, powerful, muscular dog elegant outlines of the body, the proud and lofty behaviour, spirited, determined expression. The format of the body is almost square, which applies especially for dogs (male). Bitches may be slightly longer. Height at withers, male 68 to 72 cm and female 63 to 68 cm, are desirable mean. Weight of body, male 40 - 45 kg , female from 32 to 35 kg.

The head should be strong, must conform to overall body size. When viewed from above has roughly the shape of a blunt wedge. Topline crown should be seen from the front level and not dropping off the earlobes.

The nose should be pronounced, rather broad than round, but overall not protruding. For black-and-tan colour when it is black, with brown-and-tan brown body corresponding to coat colour. The nostrils are large. Requires a scissor bite, complete dentition consisting of 42 teeth normal size corresponding to the dental formula - (2 X /

Eyes should be medium-sized, oval and dark in colour, with brown-and-tan can be a little lighter. Eyelids lying close to the eyeballs and are up to the edge feathering. Ears should be set high and may be either cropped, upright and reasonably long length of head, or true if the country's ban on docking un-cropped (during the exhibition evaluation is recognized as equivalent). They should be moderately large, tilted forward and the leading edge should fit closely to the cheek.

The tail should be set high and usually cropped short so that it remained well preserved two tail vertebrae.

The chest must be appropriately wide, with definite forechest. The bottom line of the body rises from the end of the sternum toward the pelvis and abdomen game is noticeably tucked up. The forelegs are viewed from all sides are straight and perpendicular to the substrate, appropriately strong. Tight paddles to the chest, well muscled and their peaks exceed the spine processes of the thoracic vertebrae.

Colouring may be black or chocolate (liver) rusty brown with clearly defined and clean "burning". Tan markings on the muzzle, on the cheeks and above the eyes, the throat, the front of the chest, on the pasterns and feet on the inner thighs, around the anus, and ischium.

Faults from the above requirements shall be considered as defects and evaluate accurately the degree of seriousness with regard to health and well-being. Defects includes inappropriate sexual expression (If it looks at first glance male as female or female as male), lack of substance (weakness), body too light or excessively difficult, high leggy, weak bones, head too strong, too narrow, too short or excessively long, feet very steep or too slow, nasal bridge when viewed from the side convex (down faced), steeply falling upper line of the skull, mandible low, round eyes, narrow (squinting), bright, bulging or sunken.