Pyrenean Mastiff


Pyrenean Mastiff - Group II. - Pinschers and Schnauzers, Molossoid breeds, Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs.

General Appearance:

It's a noble, intelligent, strong, rustic, independent, peaceful and easy to train, by its size is relatively easy to train. It is friendly to people, balanced temperament, but also immensely courageous and proud, with a strongly developed sense for the protection of children. It never avoids to strangers by itself. To other dogs, but also other small pets, it is good-natured and generous, if it had the opportunity to meet with them, preferably at an early age.

It is well aware of its immense strength and physical superiority. Owner and members of his family loves and it is fully committed to them. In case of emergency, which would be in danger, it is always ready to effectively and fully commit to defend. Although it is  nature of mild, even affectionate, owner urgently needs a confident, calm, diligent, talented natural authority, which will be completely non-violent, but under all circumstances to enforce.


Like a giant breed must be in adulthood always perfectly controllable. Although it is basically peaceful, it should be borne in mind that, if it is provoked or forced, it is fighting very capably, deftly and with full dedication, which is atavistic from the days when the breed was in its original usage ready to fight with the wolves. These natural tendencies need to be mute and the widest socialization and adequate education dampen.

Its role as a guard dog performs perfectly, merely by its appearance, size and dark voice emanating from deep within its chest, coupled with a keen expression contributes to the fact that any intruder is able to totally discourage unfair intentions. Therefore eventually shy, timid and temperamentally erratic individuals must be excluded from breeding. Handling must be systematically taught from an early age or as an adult dog's physical fund cannot handle even a very strong man.

Education and training must be gradual, consistent and always graciously guided so that when it gets bored. Then it loses an interest in learning. It is not advisable to hurry. When signs of disinterest are recommended teaching for a while, complete with it e.g. a shorter walk or other distraction, and then go back to teaching again. Significant is of course positive motivation, every achievement must be properly honoured with praise and tangible rewards. Numerous walks are in the most diverse environment at an early age the most reliable way for the necessary broad socialization.


This is a giant dog extraordinary size proportional and balanced body. It is very strong and muscular always it has to act harmonious impression. The skeleton must be tough, but despite its size and never give the impression of clumsiness or laziness. The length is only slightly larger than height at withers. Physical format should be short rectangular. All body parts must be balanced. The upper limit of height at withers is not fixed. At the same quality, it is always preferred larger individuals. Min. height at withers is determined male is to 77 cm, 72 cm for female.

The head should be big, strong and moderately long. The length of the skull measured from the connector inner eye corners to the top of the occipital part to the length of muzzle as 5: 4. When viewed from the side lines of the upper part of the skull in the imaginary extension of slightly divergent or almost parallel to the muzzle. Seen from above, the head must be long and drafted in a way that is not much difference between the width of muzzle at the base, at the level crossing frontal slope into the muzzle, and the width of the skull in the casting. Muzzle: Viewed from above slightly triangular shape because of the broad foundation to the nose gradually narrowing. But it should never be pointed at the end. The muzzle is viewed from the side straight. The nose should be black, wet, big and broad.

The upper lip overlaps the bottom, but not even a hint too loose (baggy). Lower lip forms a marked oral corner. The edges of the lips are black. Teeth should be white, strong and healthy, large canines and pointed. They must fit into each well to be able to bite hard. Molars are strong and powerful incisors rather small. There is required the full number of premolars. Desirable is a scissor bite. Palatum of the oral cavity with significant cross bunk slats are black.

Eyes should be small, almond-shaped, colour hazelnut. Preference is given to the darkest. Their expression is alert, noble, sympathetic and intelligent, but against opponents stare at exceptionally hard. The rims are black colour. It is desirable that in the heat of passion lid fits snugly to the eyeballs. The rest are slightly lower flabby, so it is revealed a bit of the conjunctiva, which is typical of the breed.

The earlobes are to be adequately sized, triangular in shape, surface hanging set above the eyeline. The rest snugly against the cheeks, and when excited, clearly standing as the top third of their rear edges are slightly lifted.

The neck has the shape of a truncated cone, is a broad, strong, muscular, flexible. Topline of body is straight and level, in position and in motion. The back must be strong and muscular. Loin is long, broad and strong, gradually narrowing toward the groin. The croup is long, wide and strong, sloping.

The tail should be set at medium height. Coat on it should be pronounced long form nice flag. The rest is suspended at least reach the hock. In the last third must be slightly curved upward. In the motion, and in the heat of passion is carried like sickle, at the end of distinctly curved.

Colour should be white, always with distinctive "mask" on the face. Sometimes there are irregularly distributed distinctly outlined patches of the same colour as the "mask". Earlobes must always be spotted. Tricolour or pure white is undesirable. The tip of the tail and distal parts of legs are always white. "Mask" should be clearly defined, sharply defined spots on the body's advantage. The bottom of the top coat should be as light as possible, ideally really white. The most demanded (by popularity) is a pure colour (snow) white patches medium grey, intensive golden yellow, brownish, black, silver, light beige, sandy or marbled patches.