Austrian Pinscher


Austrian Pinscher - Group II - Pinschers and Schnauzers,  Molossoid breeds, Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs.

General Appearance:

Its character is a confident, alert, attentive, playful, affectionate and very close to the people friendly to strangers but suspicious and distrustful dog and incorruptible guardian. The hunting instinct is developed only slightly.

It is assertive, agile and nimble, but tends to be a "one-man dog" (one-man dog). It is friendly to all family members of the owner, but the briefing it chooses one of its member, who respects and obeys without reservation and who is absolutely faithful and devoted. About who from family it will be it decides by itself, but normally the one who is endowed with natural authority, it could not violently, but under all circumstances use. It must be a consistent person, a dog "readable" whose conduct is consistent, calm and confident.

This breed is always vigilant, but also  loud, because it considers its natural duty to report unauthorized access or anyone and anything unusual that happens in space, which considers the territory entrusted to dog for safekeeping. That disqualifies it to live in city but in the early socialization and education routed correctly it can be an innate tendency to bark, for which should never be punished, considerably dimmed. It depends on the consistency whom it choices for its "master", the other members of the family but not the efforts to boycott or dog literally spoil or it  allows the dog what is prohibited . Get the dog on your side it cannot be possible only the dog can be spoilt.

Except for its acoustics this breed is suitable for the city , but despite its convenient size (either too small or too big), short practical, not requiring extraordinary care of hair and friendly nature is still rare in the cities social breed. In the countryside, where they can fully exercise its beats ´s a security guard skills it, is more abundant.


It excels by intelligence, cleverness and docility, so its unwavering desire for activity can do the training and operation of one of the dog sports. When practicing it, "its master", it is studious and diligent, trying to please it. It is in all circumstances optimistic companion that does not seek conflicts with other dogs and other small domestic animals (pets), especially if it had a chance to accustom at its youth, it presents no difficulty. It can act even as a natural chaser of mice, rats and rats it can live a "common household" with small rodents including domestic rats. This does not mean that wild rodents will not chase. It gets well with children. It is never unreasonably aggressive or timid or shy.


This is a stocky, medium-sized dog lively and intelligent expression. Height at withers to the length of the body is 9: 10. Height at withers, male is 44 -50 cm, female is 42 to 48 cm.

The head is pear-shaped and size to body size. The ratio of length of muzzle to length of skull and face is as 4:6. The skull is broad and rounded with marked longitudinal front furrow. The zygomatic arches are very prominent, powerful chewing muscles. The frontal slope (stop) should be distinct.

The muzzle must be strong, nasal bridge straight, black nose. Lips are thin smooth the edges dark pigmented and tight fitting to the jaws and teeth. A full set of teeth and scissor bite is required.

The eyes are large, rounded shape. The edges of the eyelids are tightly fitting eyeball and dark. The earlobes are to be banked forward, a little high.

The neck is medium length and strong. On the trunk should be well marked withers. The back is strong, broad, flat and solid. The loin is short and wide. The croup should be long enough and wide. The tail is high, thick, medium length, densely coated. Chest should be long, deep, broad, barrel. The chest is well developed chest muscles strong and solid. The abdomen is to the loin moderately tucked.

Legs are heavily boned, well muscled chest and straight. Their stance is wide. Shoulders are long, slanting. Also, shoulder bones should be slanted. Forearm should be moderately long, straight, strong wrists and short pasterns when viewed from the side slightly askew. The hindquarters are well angulated, broad thighs, legs moderately long, strong hocks, fetlocks short paws nicely closed with strong claws. Movement should be smooth and harmonious, spacious.

Skin is fitting to skeletal muscle and skin. The coat is thick and consists of a top coat and undercoat. The outer coat is short to medium in length, dense, smooth and contiguous, dense undercoat and short. On the back of the thigh consists of hair short "pants".

Colour: russet gold (semmelgelb), brownish yellow, stag-red, black with tan-coloured markings. White markings are on chest, muzzle, neck, throat, nape, feet and tip of tail. Their absence is not a defect.  Negative defects include aggression or fearfulness, and overshot or undershot jaw.