Istrian Short-haired Hound


Istrian Short-haired Hound - Group VI. - Scenthounds and related breeds, Section 1.2 Medium sized Scenthounds.

General Appearance:

Character is a gentle, obedient and quiet dog, modest home, while hunting however it is active, independent and passionate. Its temperament is moderately lively, expression indicative of calm and balanced nature, the look is gloomy. Its voice is sonorous, moderate to profound.

It excels in immense diligence, it is hardy and persistent. It can distract excellent performance even in the most difficult terrain and climatic conditions. From the track it never leaves. It is mainly used for hunting wild boars, deer, foxes and hares.


The education is not so simple. Because when hunting it always relies on itself and could not wait for hunter´s instructions, it is suited for extensive autonomy, owner cannot except  slavish obedience  by this breed. It needs in this direction a little understanding from the owner or trainer.

No hard training methods. It would only disrupt its relationship with the man, which would be a double shame. It requires a certain amount of patience and empathy, benign, however, entirely consistent approach to both education and in training. More than punishment will help stimulate positive voice (praise, encouragement) and (a treat).


Its overall noble appearance underscores the snow-white coat colour is yellow-orange spots. Body length may exceed height at withers max. 10%, short body frame is rectangular. Height at withers is 44-56 cm, ideal male is 50 for female is 48 cm. Weight of body (male) is around 18 kg.

Head length is 20-24 cm, narrow and dry. The skin on the forehead does not wrinkle. When viewed from the side of skull evident occipital part. Nose black or brownish least when poor black pigmentation shines red. Not to be chocolate or liver brown. The nostrils are wide open.

Teeth should be strong, desirable is regular and complete scissor bite with six incisors top and bottom six, with the top closely overlapping lower and both are embedded vertically in the jaws.

The eyes are oval in shape with the darkest irises, nor the sunken or protruding. The eyelid rims should be black or brown (not chocolate or liver!). The view is clear, emphatic.

Fine skin, set slightly above the eye line is expected. From bases in the direction of the highlights is narrow. For long, are regarded as non-violent while stretching forward to reach the canine teeth, are very long, intervene if the canines over and must be at least moderately long, reaching the supra-orbital ridges.

The tail is set high, medium length, rarely reaching below the hock. It has to be thicker at the base and towards the tip tapers, the more slimmer, the nobler the overall appearance of the individual. It carried slightly curved upward arch.

The chest should be deep and should reach at least to the elbows. Its circumference measured just behind the forelegs should be about 12 cm more than height at withers. The forelegs are long, oblique, muscular shoulder blades lying close to the chest. The hindquarters should be viewed from the rear thigh, calf, Achilles tendon and instep on one vertical.

The skin is supple, but on the whole body is flush with the skeletal muscle and subcutaneous tissue anywhere without folds or wrinkles. It is pink colour.

The hair must be short, soft, thick and shiny. Sometimes it is longer on the back of the thighs and the underside of the tail, but this is undesirable.

Coat colour must be white-yellow-orange. The basic colour is brilliant white, earlobes must always be yellow-coloured spots on both sides of the stretch from their bases across the forehead and around the eyes to intervene, resulting in a characteristic drawing supplying head typical appearance.

Faults  belong aggression or fearfulness, mismatch between the length of the body and height at withers  is too short head, large or complete de-pigmentation of the nose and the edges of the eyelids, muzzle too short or explicitly pointed, crooked jaw, ears too high, overshot or undershot jaw, bite, wry or pincer ,glass eyes (with whitish irises).