American foxhound


American Foxhound Group VI. – Scent hounds and related breeds, Section 1.1 - Large sized Hounds.

General Appearance:

As a hunting dog at work it is very eager and energetic. It has an excellent sense of smell and a very melodious voice. It is also an excellent jumper. For these qualities and abilities in  country of origin, it is  not only the favourite hunting dog, but also a successful social breed - for this purpose, however, it is suitable breed for dog shows  and others not high quality of its exterior of body it is  used  only for hunting, game work.

Temperament / Behaviour:

It is sweet, good-natured and friendly, it loves its owner and members of owner´s family to strangers it behaves either sympathetic or sceptical. It is satisfied, if it is possible it is recommended permanent contact with "its" people. Despite its origin it should not be kept as a companion dog   permanently in the outdoor kennel.


The education is not so simple and it must be calm, kind and consistent. Not for beginners, but only for people with some experience, prudent, patient, with natural authority.

Dog is getting well with children. Dogs tolerated well, it does not act against them too dominant. With other pets due to its strong hunting instinct and it is better to keep them away.

It loves to move and it is needed. It is an excellent partner i.e. while jogging. When you are walking it is better to use leash for dog. Free range is absolutely safe for dog only in a well-fenced land. Regular and hearty walks on a leash, held a brisk pace, they are a necessity for individual unused regular   for hunting. They represent significantly greater physical stress than the free-running.

Although not used as a hunting dog can be well applied in sports (hunting animals they are unrelated) in tracking competitions. Frequent training such work is considered a welcome work.


This is a medium sized dog attractive exterior, taller and lighter than the English foxhound. Height at withers: male 56 – 63.5 cm and female 53 to 61 cm.

The head should be long enough occipital protuberance slightly marked. The skull should be broad and rounded. The eyes are large, gentle and kind expression, dark brown or hazelnut stored in eyecups quite far apart.

The earlobes should be suspended, set on moderately low, long way to stretch if violently forward, reaching at least the tip of the nose. They are gentle and wide enough, they fall along the cheeks and the front edges are slightly inward curl. They are even in the heat of passion slightly lifted. On tops are rounded.

The tail should be set at medium high, carried gaily curved slightly upwards, but not rewound over the stern and shoulders. On the underside of the hair is slightly longer and forms a short "brush".

The chest must be deep, providing ample space lungs and heart. In proportion to its depth is narrower than the English foxhound. Its circumference is 71 cm making it reasonable for height at withers   58 cm. The forelegs are straight, strong bones, proper angulations.

Feet should be "cat", with well-arched toes, strong nails and solid and rigid padded.

The hindquarters have strong hips and muscular thighs able drastic moves.

The coat is perfectly fitting, hard and medium length. All colours of coat are permissible.

Faults include too flat in the parietal part, very narrow or excessively domed skull when viewed from the side called   Roman-nosed, or upturned, giving a dish-face expression. , eyes small, prickly view, similar to Terriers (sunken) or bulging, ears short, high set or the tendency is lifted above the level of the bases, neck thick, short, cloddy, carried on a line with the top of the shoulders. Throat showing dewlap and folds of skin to a degree termed throatiness, the spine is too long.