SMÅLANDSSTÖVARE - Group VI. - Scenthounds and related breeds, Section - Medium sized hounds.

General Appearance:

Its character is friendly, calm and affectionate to owner. Its work it is doing with extraordinary enthusiasm and energy, totally alone at home is quiet and unobtrusive.

If the dog has the opportunity to live together with the family, the community and with proper education it is manoeuvrable and docile. It loves the owner and members of his family, with the children it gets well. If it is constantly kept in an outdoor kennel, is its relevance to humans significantly different, it is much cooler. Then it manifests itself independently and in its behaviour point to a certain inaccessibility.


The previous experiences say, however, that as with many other hunting breeds is its education and training in a good relationship successful. The basic condition is the opportunity to live permanently or at least as frequently in close contact with the owner then because it trains and works with considerably more vigour.

It needs rigorous owner whose conduct is consistent, calm and patient, able to empathize with its reaction. It is not suitable for everyone, especially beginners. There might have been some problems, especially if beginner is neglect the essential early socializing.


It is a robust dog elegant appearance, strong, but not coarse body. The format of the body should be about square. Height at withers, male is from 46 to 54 (ideal. 50) cm for female is from 42 to 52 (ideal. 46) cm.

The head should be moderately long, dry, distance from the front slope (trail connector inner corners of the eye), the occipital part is equal to the distance from stop to tip of the nose, the skull should be as long as the muzzle. Widest should be between earlobes.

It requires a scissor bite. Teeth should be strong.

The eyes are dark brown, gentle expression.

Ears should be set high in the heat of passion slightly uplifted, so long that they are violently stretched forward, reaching almost half the length of the muzzle. They are suspended from the desktop and on the tops of rounded.

The neck has a corresponding length is strong, but not rude and flows into the shoulders. Skin is supple, but immediately adjacent to the skeletal muscle and skin.
The tail may be either naturally short (stumpy tail), is preferred so. Bearish or normal length and seeded at the upper line of the body and carried by a straight backwards, eventually. Sickle with a slight indentation should reach the hock. It is acceptable and tail half-length. For movements should not be carried above the top line of the body.

The chest should be capacious. Its depth is approximately equal to 1/2 of height at withers. The forelegs are viewed from the front loose parts (from the elbow to the feet) are straight and parallel, strong bones, corresponding to the length and strength of the overall size of the dog. The hindquarters are strong and when viewed from behind parallel.

The coat is medium length, coarse, tightly fitting. The roughest must be on the back and neck. The undercoat should be short, thick, soft. On head, ears or front of legs the coat is short and smooth. On the underside of the tail and it reaches sides of the thighs longer as on the back. Inter-digital spaces above and below (the padded) are properly coated.

Coat colour is black and tan with the tan may be a different shade of amber to auburn. Small white marks on the front chest and toes are permissible.
Into the faults there belong the aggression and shyness, timidity or excessive caution, significant overshot or undershot jaw, height at withers of more than 1 cm below the min. border, or more than 1 cm beyond the max limit of the range specified standard.