Artois Hound


Artois Hound VI. – Scent hounds and related breeds, Section - Medium sized Scent hounds.

General Appearance:

It is hardworking and even in difficult climatic and terrain conditions. It is not the fastest, but very hardy and it has an excellent sense of smell. It is great in the field when hunting hare, is excellent in the high woods while hunting deer and undergrowth able, thanks to its bravery bravura over-chasing wild boar. This hunting   dog ,  with  the most amazing voices   - high and far to hear. It is always balanced, calm, loyal owners, but like everyone Hound also adequately independent, which it cannot be blamed, because   during work   it must always rely only on itself.

Temperament / Behaviour:

It needs to owner-trainer calm, prudent, patient and consistent contrast, with natural authority able to apply for any situation, absolutely without violence. Its conduct must be at all times friendly and consistent. And its owner it loves, it is devoted and grateful for every love and attention. Its hunting instinct is very powerful, so it is absolutely the happiest on the scent. It follows that walk, whose purpose is not hunting,   it must be kept on a leash and free range is only possible on a fenced plot.


It's well-built, muscular dog, very long body frame, from which radiate a lot of energy and strength. The ratio between height at withers and edge of body  is 10: 10 to 11 height at withers, males and females ranging from 53 to 58 cm with a tolerance of + / - 1 cm. weight of body is approx. 28-30 kg.

The skull is massive, broad and rather short, its width has a tot. Edge of head is 5: 9. It is rounded and flattened, with little significant occipital area. The frontal slope (stop) is pronounced. The muzzle must be viewed from the side moderately long; its length is the length of the skull as 8: 10. The muzzle should be straight, nose black, large, with wide open nostrils.

The upper lip must be deep enough to cover the lower and deliver the muzzle end boxy shape. Scissor bite is required.  The upper incisors must closely overlap the bottom, both of which are planted in the jaws. Cheeks are dry.

Due to the wide forehead eyes are placed too close together, have a round shape may be neither protruding nor sunken, and their expression is soft, somewhat melancholy. Dark brown in colour, the conjunctiva should not be seen eyelids should fit closely to the eyeballs.

The earlobes are hanging, set level line eye, somewhat stronger, broad and rounded at the end, almost flat and quite long, so they stretched forward to reach the base of the nose.

The neck is of medium length, thick, with a slight dewlap on the throat. The back should be broad and solid. Loin slightly arched, croup is slightly sloping and well muscled. Tail is strong, quite long; there should be some longer and coarser, slightly off standing hairs (like ears of grain) towards the tip; carried sickle fashion, never falling forward.

The chest should be wide and long, deep enough so that the sternum is at elbow level. The ratio between depth of chest and height at withers is a 1: 2 Ribs should be well sprung weaknesses are completed.

The forelegs should be strong and in an attitude vertical to ground. Shoulders should be oblique and muscular. Elbows pointing straight backwards, should not be turned in or out. Pasterns should be slightly angled. The hindquarters should be viewed from the back centre of the thigh, ankle, instep and paws on the vertical line running the buttock in a pan. Thighs long and well muscled. Hocks should be strong and moderately angulated. Hock must be short and strong. Feet should be slightly elongated solid. Fingers are sufficiently tight, padded black, durable and compact. Movement should be smooth and easy.

Skin is very strong. The coat should be short, dense and adjacent area. Dark fawn tricolour, similar to the coat of the hare or the badger, with mantle or large patches, the head usually fawn, sometimes with black overlay.

Defects include significantly pointed muzzle, insufficiently deep and over the adjacent upper lip, slightly lighter eyes, haw, earlobes mounted below the line of the eye, short and insufficiently flat, neck too long or weak, the spine is very long and soft spoken (concave) topline of the body, groin high rolled up like tuck tail too long or at rest on set aside.