Porcelaine - Group VI. - Scenthounds and related breeds, Section - Medium sized hounds.

General Appearance:

Character is a classy aristocrat. It is mainly used to hunt the hares, hoofed animals and wild boar. At present, it is used mostly for hunting small game chasing. It has an excellent sense of smell and extraordinary perseverance with which it could keep track. When it is hunting dog is a passionate and forceful, otherwise gentle, calm and obedient, cheerful and kind.


It is intelligent and with the right approach it is well and easily trained. We must, however, reckon with the fact that it is appropriately independent and quite audible, which it can in some situations cause problems. The basis for successful training must be a good relationship based on mutual trust, respect and understanding.


It's a typical French Hound showing every detail of its exterior. It is a breed of highly class. Height at withers, male is from 55 to 58 cm and female is from 53 to 56 cm.

The head must be very typical, dry and finely chiselled, generally quite long. The nose should be large and deep black. The nostrils are wide open.

Eyes should be of a reasonable size, dark and placed under apparent bony ridges. They have smart and appealing expression.

The earlobes are slim, elegantly curved inwards corkscrew on clothing pointed ends. If they are violently stretched forward, reaching the end of his nose. For bases are narrow and may never be deployed above the eye line. The neck is fairly long and slender. The throat may be a small tight thin lobe.

The tail should be set at the correct height. Thick at root is tapering to a point. Moderately long and must never be at the bottom of a long stand-off beard hairs resembling corn cob. It is carried slightly curved upwards.

The forelegs should be fairly long, straight and parallel, lean but not too fine. Tendons must be be tightly stretched. Feet are shaped typical French Hound, with rather elongated and dry, tightly clenched fingers. The pads are firm and solid.

The hindquarters have reasonably robust, long and muscular thighs with a correspondingly slanted thigh bone and muscle Rendered sharp relief.

The coat should be short, soft, close-fitting and glistening, always without lysine. Colour is pure white with round orange spots, which never form - jacket. Stains are present mainly at places where the skin is dark pigmentation. Typical of the breed are small orange dots on the earlobes.

To negative defects include a lack of distinctiveness overall appearance, light eyes or bright nose, and any extensive de-pigmentation of the lips or eyelids, tail covered around longer hard protruding hairs resembling beard corn cob, coat hard or rough, too dark coloured cloak mahogany tint, stain grizzle or mixing black hairs.