Rhodesian Ridgeback


Rhodesian Ridgeback - Group VI. - Scenthounds and related breeds, Section 3 - Related breeds.

General Appearance:

It is calm and gentle, friendly to owners and members of his family, loyal and dedicated dog. It tolerates bigger kids, but it would always be instructed that they must respect it, its self-confidence and they may not make it unnecessarily angry.

It is intelligent, acts confidently and with dignity, respect of others it is behaving with restraint, but showing no aggression or shyness. It is desirable that an unknown person rather ignored. There are still strong defensive tendencies and the owner and his family members it is always ready to defend vigorously. As a defender it is excellent. If it has from early age proper acclimatization, it tolerates well with cats and other small pets.


Because of its strength and courage  dog it  is necessary that even in adulthood for any situation dog must be  perfectly controllable, and therefore it must be upbringing since its  childhood, although kind, but totally consistent.  Owner must eliminate from young age its origin usage, dog could decide itself.

Early socialization is essential. It is suitable for owners who are gifted natural authority, whose behaviour is entirely consistent that the dog always knows where the limits are and what is allowed and what forbidden.

It is surprisingly responsive, educational or unnecessarily harsh training methods are counterproductive, in extreme cases it could lead to recourse against the owner. Not for people indecisive, inconsistent and lacking authority.


This is a dog-balanced body, strong, muscular and intelligent, active, harmoniously outlines body, even during protracted moderately fast locomotion.

A typical feature is a breeding Ridzi. They must be clearly defined, symmetrical and towards the rear tapers. Its average width is 5 cm. It starts just behind the shoulders and reaches to the hip bumps. In its front part the hair two swirls (crowns) of the same shape and size, symmetrically placed opposite each other. Their bottom edges must penetrate through the upper third Ridzi.

Required height at withers is for male  from  63 to 69 cm for females  is from 61 to 66 cm, weight of body male is 36.5 kg and r female about 32 kg.

The head should be of medium length. The nose may be black or brown. Individuals with a black nose has dark eyes, in individuals with brown nose can be coloured amber.

Jaws strong, with perfect, complete scissor bite, which means that 6 upper incisors closely overlapping down ones 6, both of which are set square in the jaws. The teeth must be large, which especially the canines or holders.

Eyes should be kept reasonably far apart, round, bright and sparkling, with intelligent expression. Their colour must harmonize with the coat colour.

The earlobes should be rather high, medium size, with pretty broad base. Taper gradually to a rounded tip and be close to the head. The neck should be fairly long, strong and free from throatiness.

The tail should be strong at the root, but not rude, and towards the tip gradually narrowing. It is appropriately long and is attached neither too low nor too high. It should be slightly curved upwards, but never be curled into a circle.

The chest should not be too wide, but very deep and capacious. When viewed from the side to reach the elbows. The forelegs should be perfectly straight, strong, strong bones. When viewed from the side to be part of their free (from the elbow to the foot) stronger than the front.

The hindquarters should be dryly muscled, stifles well bent, hocks low over the base, short vamp. Feet should be round with well-knit and arched toes and tough, but flexible padded.

The coat is short and dense, smooth and shiny adjacent. It must not be woolly or silky. Its colour may be pale to dark wheat. Small white marks on the front chest and toes are permissible, but excessive white hairs extending up the abdomen or over the toes are not desirable. The dark muzzle (i.e. mask) is admissible as dark ears, very large amounts of hair streaked black hair elsewhere on the body is not desirable.