Hellenic Hound


Hellenic Hound - Group VI. - Scenthounds and related breeds, Section - Medium sized Hounds.

General Appearance:

A valid FCI standard describes Hellenic Hound like a dog with a perfect sense of smell and great stamina during working - the hunt, it is reliably and very active dog , both individually and in a pack as in hunting plains and mountainous, regardless difficult terrain and demanding climatic conditions ( temperature and humidity). Character is confident and independent, as required by its work. It has a strong, resonant voice.

It is described as a breed that is not suitable as a companion dog. But this is more a statement of fact that in country of origin is always bred solely and exclusively as hunting dog hunters have no closer contact with it that is shame. This breed stays permanently outside the house, in an outdoor kennel.


It is a dog of medium size, a burly, abundant strength, lively and perceptive senses. Height at withers, male is 47 to 55 cm and for female is 45 to 53 cm, both sexes, with a tolerance of + / -2 cm. Bodies. Weight ranges 17-20 kg.

The bite should be scissors or pincer teeth must be big, white.

Eyes are a reasonable size, with maroon iris lively and intelligent expression. Not sunken or protruding. The earlobes should be suspended, medium length (almost half the length of the head), set high (above the zygomatic arch), flat and rounded tops.

The neck should be strong, muscular, without dewlap at the throat. Harmoniously merges into the shoulders. Its length is the total length of the head, rate is 6.5:10.

Tail is long, reaching max the hock. It is rather high, thick at the root towards the end tapers, and the movement is upward curved sickle.

The chest should be capacious, so deep that it reaches to the elbows. The forelegs are in the position when viewed from the side straight, vertical to the ground, strong and powerfully muscled. The hindquarters should be viewed from the rear and side flat and vertical to ground, powerfully muscled, powerful.

The coat should be short, dense, hard, quite smooth, tightly fitting. Colour is black and tan. Only on the chest can be a rather small white spot. Visible mucous membranes, nose and nails must be black.

The faults include short and wide muzzle, ears too long or very short, at the end of pointed or longitudinally corkscrew, neck too short, too thin or thick flap at the neck, upper body lines roach-or shoulders straight (not arched), narrow, tail short, narrow, flat (not sloping), lower body lines significantly lowered or pulled too high, tail too long, heavy (massive), excessively bent.

To negative defects belong aggression and fearfulness, the upper line of the skull when viewed from the side in an imaginary extension of converging with the muzzle, muzzle too pointed at the end of the muzzle concave (uttered), overshot or undershot jaw, semi-erect ears, tail ring , bad attitude limbs.