Schillerstövare - Group VI. - Scenthounds and related breeds, Section - Medium sized Hounds.

General Appearance:

It is a friendly, quiet, reliable, responsive, smart, attentive and caring, balanced character, but also it is a lively and energetic dog.

Its hunting passion it can get to chase cats (if it does not live with pets "in a shared household") and others pets. If it gets early socialization however, if the option is no longer a puppy gets well other small and small in  open house or flat, it is  kept with  the small animals get used to the pursuit, but e.g. with dwarf rabbits and guinea pigs should still never be left alone.


During the education and training needs consistent leadership, because like almost all hounds it has enough autonomy and it would decide at its discretion, such as when it is hunting. But it is not obstinate and at the appropriate approach it is docile and manageable, which are important features for its social usage. It is not the best for owners who are beginners.

Any aggression or timidity on the contrary, it is proof that the owner did not have the dog with its behavioural character of understanding or owner did not have enough basic knowledge about breeding dogs, patience, consistency, etc.

This breed gets well with other dogs, with children, with whom - including small - willingly plays, even with strangers.


It's a total state, wiry, at first look, fast and strong hunting dog harmonious, balanced body, slightly rectangular body frame. Height at withers, male is from 53 to 61 (ideal. 57) cm for female is from 49 to 57 cm (ideal. 53 cm).

The head is elongated, when viewed from the front and side deltoid, but the muzzle should not be too pointed or weak. Nose must be black with open nostrils properly. Desirable is a scissor bite. The teeth must be strong and large.

Eyes should be dark brown colour, lively expression. Ears should be set high so long that stretched ahead without violence, reaching almost to the middle of the muzzle. In alertness may be lifted. They are soft and the surface of hanging, so its front edge closely adjacent to the cheek.

The neck is long, strong and elegantly merges into the shoulders. Skin on it should be flexible but closely adjacent to the skeletal muscle and skin.

The tail should be set level with topline and body is straight or curved sickle, wide at the base. Towards the end extends to the tip. It is so long that it reaches the hock.

The movement should not be carried above the top line of the body.

The chest is long, large and deep so that it reaches to the elbows. The forelegs are strong bones and match the overall body size. When viewed from the front to be part of their free (from the elbow to the foot) straight and parallel to each other. The hindquarters must be strong and viewed from behind parallel to each other.

The coat should be hard, not quite short but very dense and contiguous. On head, ears or front of legs the coat is short and smooth. On the underside of the tail and on the back of the thighs may be longer hair.

Coat colour is tan with black mantle strongly bounded on the back and the upper part of the hips, neck sides and top of the tail. For adults must be tan coloured coat mixing black hairs, black markings on the cheeks are permissible.

To negative defects belong aggression and shy, timid and overly cautious behaviour, pronounced undershot or overshot jaw, height at withers below the min. border or exceeding max end of this range.