Serbian Hound


Serbian hound - Group VI. - Scenthounds and related breeds, Section - Medium sized Hounds.

General Appearance:

Its character is good-natured, kind, friendly, kind, reliable, but also very self-confident, vivacious, lively and energetic dog. It can also be a pleasant companion dog, if dog lives in appropriate conditions, if it does not live all time in outdoor kennel or it has at least a daily close contact with people, it can be affectionate and it has a warm and thoroughly friendly relationship with the owner and his family. It is then even playful.


It needs the owner who is kindly but firmly, consistently, kind, patient and persevering, talented natural authority, who is also capable of empathy that is getting well with the dog to establish a relationship based on mutual respect and trust.

According to those who has no these qualities and abilities, it is stubborn dog. However, this is only evidence that is unable or unwilling to adapt to its breeding and individual differences, and in educating and training it is only about than -break and adapt to its own image.

Such an approach it may indeed lead to obstinacy. Trying to train the dog by harsh methods, train slavishly obedient dog it is the most reliable way to its complete destruction by the work performance and psychical side too and it could lead to defensive aggression. Conversely, when the correct procedures are used, it can be hard working hound and also sympathetic companion.


This is a medium-sized hound solid body. Height at withers, male is  from 46 to 56 (ideal. 51-52) cm and  female is  from 44 to 54 (ideal. 48-49) cm. Body size is rectangular body length, measured from the sternum of buttock in the pan should be about 10% larger than height at withers.

The head is elongated, its length equivalent to 45% of height at withers. The nose is quite large, always black. Teeth are required to complete, teeth are large, desirable is regular and complete scissor bite, pincer but also admits.

Eyes should be medium-sized, oval, slightly slanted dark. The iris should be the deepest. They are perfectly closed eyelids tightly fitting eyeball. The edges must be dark, preferably black.

The earlobes are hanging, set high, thin rather than thick, adequate length and width, on the tops of more or less rounded oval. Tightly close to cheeks. The neck is strong, almost as long as the head and its axis forms with the horizontal angle of 45-50 °.

The tail should be the seamless continuation. It is thick at the base and gradually tapering toward the tip. It reaches the hocks when it is carried hanging down. May be straight or slightly curved upward and never interfere above the top line of the body. Be hairy and longer hair on its underside forms a lack lustre "brush".

The chest should be capacious, its depth represents 50% of height of withers and circumference measured just behind the elbows is 20% greater than height at withers. Forechest is not pronounced and in front view is oval. The forelegs are strong, sufficiently muscled, in a position parallel to each other. Front feet are called. Cat (rounded), with tightly clenched fingers. Fixed claws are black.

The hindquarters must be strong, desktop, but powerfully muscled, in a position parallel. The hind legs are longer than the forequarters, but also their toes must be close together. Nails should be solid black colour and padded sufficiently flexible and resistant to abrasion and injury.

The body coat consists of a short, thick, glossy, hard, perfectly adjacent ("closed") outer coat and a dense, soft undercoat. Slightly longer coat is on the back of the thighs, the withers and shoulders and underside of the tail, which forms a thinner "brush".

Coat colour is reddish-yellow to deep red (red fox tint) with black "saddle" or "shell" that extends to the head and form two spots around both eyes. Front chest may be small white spot with a diameter of 2 cm.

Faults  include aggression or timidity, lack of teeth (tolerates but the absence of two premolars 1, P1), overshot or undershot jaw, "glass" or "china" (whitish or white coloured) eyes, too long body, tail curled in a circle, carried high and curved over the back, hooked and ducking to the side.