Kai - Group V. - Spitz and primitive types, Section 5 - Asian Spitz and related breeds.

General Appearance:

It's bubbly, lively and alert dog, docile and attentive, extremely hardy, robust, active, bright, energetic and devoted to owner. But it also excels in extreme independence and self-confidence, which is reflected not only in the hunt, which relies on itself and waits for owner´s commands, but also in everyday situations.

Its character is considered as untamed. This is due to the fact that it was its country of origin after many generations used exclusively as a hunting dog that lived permanently in close contact with humans. Therefore also it was a long time considered as unsuitable to keep in the apartment. Individuals from organized breeding kennels they are no longer as tough as the dogs that are used only for hunting.


Even so, regarding the breed is suitable only for owners who already have some experience with dogs, not for beginners. Although to the owner and members of family is friendly and nice, it is suitable only for people tolerant, calm, consistent and gifted by natural authority. Only a person who acts consistently with it, the person will be regarded as the leader of "pack" and the dog respects that. The owner must never disappoint its confidence. Owner must understand its soul and bring it up unyielding, yet gentle consistency since earliest childhood, always without any coercion.

The breed need a lot of movement, free range, however, it is advisable only on fenced land. Due to hunting past and character is not advisable let it run off the leash when walking in the countryside.

As a guard dog is always alert, ready to defend oneself and the owner. As a hunting dog has a remarkable adaptability to different climatic conditions, it does not mind either cold or hot, it always works perfectly reliable. It manifests remarkable passion and considerable acuity for varmint. Options its hunting use in European conditions are limited. Not if you cannot call it back during its tracking roe deer or wild boar, hunters can shoot it.


This medium sized perfectly balanced Nordic Spitz strong body with strong muscles arose spontaneously as a peculiar form of reproductive isolation in the mountainous regions of Honshu Island and its hallmark are very strong legs with powerful hocks. The format of the body is short rectangular. The height at withers, male about 53 cm, females about 48 cm (with a tolerance of + / -3 cm for both sexes).

The head has a skull with a broad forehead and a shallow longitudinal front furrow. The frontal stop is steep. The muzzle should be pointed, not too long, but should be reasonably broad. Nasal bridge must be straight, black nose. Lips are tightly fitting to the jaws and teeth; requires a strong teeth and scissor bite. Cheeks are muscular.

The eyes should be relatively small, almost triangular, dark brown. The earlobes are larger and have the shape of a triangle. They need to be perfectly upright and tilted slightly forward.

The neck is strong, relatively thick and muscular. Withers have to be high, back straight and short. The loin is broad, well muscled. The tail is high, thick, carried upward, tightly curled or curved sickle over the back and shoulders. If it had been carried hanging, it should reached almost to the tip of hock.

The chest should be deep with properly sprung ribs. Abdomen should be tucked up. The forelegs have blades oblique and strongly muscled. Elbows close to the body, forearms are straight, strong, muscular, pasterns when viewed from the side slightly angled. Feet are made properly arched, tight toes, with strong and flexible padded. Nails should be tough; preference is given to a dark-coloured. The hindquarters have long legs, short legs and strong, flexible hocks. Movement should be light and flexible.

The body coat consists of a harsh straight outer coat and a soft dense undercoat. On the tail hair is slightly longer and wispy. Coat colour by dogs is uniform, with age, before the individual when it reaches the age of six months, it  appears annealing, first on the legs, which is typical of the breed. By adult dogs we can recognize three types of hair colouring -black stripes (kuro-tora), red annealing (aka Tora) and red-and-black stripes (chu-tora). In black annealing prevails basic red coat with red predominates basic black coat colour, with red-and-black colours annealing both approximately in balance.

Any deviations from the foregoing points should be considered as a fault and accurately assessed by the degree of expression with regard to the health and welfare of the male or female.

To negative defects belong aggression, fearfulness, big overshot or undershot jaw, ears differently than carried erect, tail hanging (bottom set) or very short, too light coat colour, larger amounts of whitespace and extreme shyness.