Xoloitzcuintle V - Spitz and primitive types, Section 6 - Primitive breeds.

General Appearance:

It is calm and sweet natured dog, very intelligent, loyal and devoted, extremely loving owners and members of his family. It is called-dog gentleman (one-man dog). Individuals of the hairless varieties are well suited to families where someone suffers from allergies. Several rough hairs on its body do not cause allergic reaction (because of the texture).


Absolutely it is not tolerate hard or rough handling and it is dissatisfied in unstable environments, e.g. quarrelled family. It dislikes confusion and excessive commotion.

For its actions exudes a certain dignity. It's mostly a silent partner, barking- its vocalisations are typical - a whimper rather reminiscent of a baby crying. It is naturally suspicious of strangers it is warily watching. The owner and his family, including children, it is affectionate, from strangers it keeps its distance and about whom it will be friend with, it always decides itself. From an early age it needs to get the broadest possible contacts socialization with other dogs and pets. If it adapts in its youth, it will get well with them later.

It is docile, learns quickly and it is successful in both competitions in obedience and agility. Extremely useful also as a therapy dog, contact the smooth, intense heat radiating body it is cared for people very friendly.

It must live permanently in the apartment, it requires enough time strictly and necessary   for care of its hairless skin. We cannot forget that this is a mere touch extremely sensitive and therefore should be avoided and any coarse mechanical stimuli. In the winter it must be protected from cold and frostbite some body parts, for e.g. earlobes. It is good idea to massage pork oitment into edges of its earlobes. In the summer it is necessary to effectively treat high-quality cosmetics hairless skin in order to avoid a longer stay in the sun to sunburn.


It's visually very attractive dog proportional unusual body with long legs, short rectangular body frame. Standard FCI recognizes three types of sizes, Large -height at withers 45-55 cm, Medium-height at withers 35-45 cm, and a Small-height at withers 25-35 cm.

The head should be strong, Lupus Lupus (wolf-like) type, when viewed from above, the skull broad, elegant, to the nose tapers evenly in a pointed muzzle. The occipital crest is hardly noticeable frontal slope only slightly marked, but clearly perceptible. The nose is by individuals with dark skin, dark coloured, individuals with bronze or golden yellow discolouration can be pink or brown. In part may be non-pigmented.

Lips are tightly fitting to the jaws and teeth. The incisors are arranged in a continuous series, scissor bite is required. Overshot or undershot jaw, as well as other anomalies jaw is rated as a serious fault. Absence of molars and premolars is not a fault. Cheeks are hardly recognizable, flat, not prominent chewing muscles should not be excessively developed.

The eyes should be of medium size, almond shaped observant and lively expression. Their colour matches the colour of the skin and extends from black to brown, reddish brown (chestnut), amber or yellow. If possible, it prefers dark coloured eye-iris. Both eyes must have the same colour. The edges of the eyelids may be coloured from black to brown to gray. Bright pink or interruption pigmentation is permitted, but not too desirable.

The earlobes are long, relatively large, called - bat, delicate and elegant. In action must always be pricked if they are cropped or suspended, it is a disqualifying flaw. Suspended from the ear is a sign of unoriginal.

The neck should be carried high in the neck slightly arched, moderately long, slender, flexible, well muscled and very elegant. Body has to be sturdy, tap a few noticeable spine perfectly straight, must not be roach or too long or weak, guided by short limbs. Loins are strong and muscular. The croup should be viewed from the side, slightly sloping, strong, muscular and slightly rounded.

The tail is long, relatively thin and low. Uniformly tapers to a point at which is slightly bristle hair. The motion carried high, saggy, but they should never be curled on the back. In repose hanging down, reaching the hock and the end is slightly curved hook-up.

The chest should be viewed from a long side, ribs are slightly arched. It must be seen moderately broad chest. The bottom line is to be elegant body the belly is muscular, tucked.

The forelegs are straight, vertical to ground well proportioned shoulders are muscled surface. Elbows are strong, fairly close to the chest. Feet should be elongated oval shape called - hare, arched paws and growing on them rough hairs. The nails are short and black with dark-coloured individuals and individuals with lighter coloured bronze or golden yellow. The pads must be strong, resistant to any surface. Inter digital skin duplications are well developed.

The hindquarters must be absolutely straight, parallel to each other. Thighs are broad and powerfully muscled. Dewclaws must be removed.

The most important feature of the breed is the total lack of hair on the body. Feathered FCI standard does not permit an individual, the bald ones have on the body really no hair, only on the forehead, nape and neck is short, rough, thick coat that can be any colour. If it is very long, it can get disqualification. It often appears harsh and also on feet and tip of tail, if there is missing, it is not a defect. Skin can be coloured differently from black to black and gray, slate gray, dark gray, pink, brown liver, bronze to golden yellow. Enabled is mottled colouration, uniformly coloured individuals dark shade, but prefers.

Any departures from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and accurately assessed by the degree of expression with regard to the health and welfare of male or female.