Chinese Crested Dog


Chinese Crested Dog - Group 9 - Companion and Toy Dogs, Section 4 - Hairless breeds.

General Appearance:

It is intelligent, cheerful, lively, fearless, smart and playful dog. It is never vicious or malicious. It loves its owner and it expresses extreme sensitivity to the mood prevailing in the family. It can feel it intensely and it is good, it is happy and cheerful, if it is not good, it's really sad and unhappy. But it has also its pride and it does not make friends with everyone.

To strangers it is reserved. With other dogs and strangers, it is getting well. When it is playing with children, and not just only with older ones, there must be taken to prevent from any injuries. Children need to be cautioned and play should always be supervised by an adult responsible person.


Because it is very smart and it quickly understands, its upbringing makes almost no problems, and therefore this breed is suitable for beginners. There must be used kind consistency.

This breed requires very sensitive handling and the friendly attitude of the owner. Any harsh training methods are a priori excluded it reacts badly e.g. shouting. It is very accurately perceive intonation, just to be clear (praise, you must say joyfully, it must fundamentally be  different  from the reprimand, which should sound rather accusingly, never angry or roughly).


It's a small, active, graceful and elegant dog fine  medium strong bones, either with mostly hairless body, with hair only on the head (and neck), feet and tail feathering or completely, covered with hair reminiscent of a fine veil. Regardless of hair are two types - Deer Type finer boned, lighter body structure, and - Cobby Type with heavier bones, strong physique. Ideal height at withers is from 28 to 33 cm and female is from 23 to 30 cm. Weight of body is quite variable, but it does not exceed 5.5 kg.

Nose of any colour is typically narrow as the whole muzzle. Jaws must be adequately strong with regular scissor bite, i.e. that upper teeth closely overlapping down ones both of which are square to the jaws.

Eyes are medium in size, stored in eyecups far apart. Iris as dark they look black, White part of eye is not almost seen. The earlobes should be set low, so that the highest point of the base is level with the outer corner of eye, large and erect, hairy or bald. For members Powder Puff nature called-Powder Puffs (Powder Puffs) are permitted earlobes hanging.

The tail should be mounted high, there is a long way and then tapering, the move has to be carried up or to the side, rather straight, never spirally twisted or curled to the side. The rest is hanging. Hair on it is long and merges. It grows only on the last two thirds of its length. Thinner hair is considered acceptable.

The chest should be fairly broad, but not the barrel and so deep that it reaches to the elbows. Tip of the sternum is not output when viewed from the front edge of the shoulder joint.

The forelegs are long and slender, in a position perpendicular to the substrate. Feet should be oval significantly, "hare", long and narrow, with extremely elongated bones forming the phalanges, especially forefeet. Their feet look almost as if they had one extra joint. They may not be turned in or out. Nails are medium length and can be of any colour. Coat forming -called -socks ideally confined to toes, must not extend above the wrist.

Skin should be smooth, smooth by the touch, warm. For bald character may not be anywhere on the body feathered larger districts or areas. Preference is given to rich long flowing hair forming a crest on the head and "mane" on the neck. Plume begins in the ideal case on stop and it goes on its neck like narrower stripe. Even thinner coat these parts are permissible. Powder Puff U character ("puffs") consists of an undercoat hair and light "veil" formed outer coat that is very typical. Any colour or combination of colours of hair is acceptable.