Blue Gascony Basset


Blue Gascony Basset - Group VI. - Scenthounds and related breeds, Section 1.3 - Small sized scenthounds.

General Appearance:

Character is friendly, affectionate and emotionally based dog balanced temperament, loving its owner and totally devoted to him. Some individuals are very open but others a bit more reserved, in any case, they are strongly dependent on the owner´s family and literally it needs to be partakers of all that happen.

It is therefore not suitable to breed this dog in permanent outdoor kennel, it is strongly emotionally attached with people, but in this case it has no contact just a little with people. There is unfortunate dog, and it suffers a lot, later it can have problems with its behaviour.

Otherwise it is an excellent companion for children and even ardent and enthusiastic participant in the soulful games. Overall it is a bright, sensitive, noble and gentle companion dog.


In essence, its training does not make  major problems, but it is necessary to reckon with the fact that it was easily distracted and its attention from the owner can do a variety of other stimuli (which is common in other hounds and also with most Greyhounds) in nature e.g. smell.

Therefore, the education must be based on positive stimulation and mutual trust between dog and the man. Persons who are unable to understand, must remember and respect its character specifics, owner may have trouble with its obedience. But it is literally owner´s fault. Harsh methods during the education or training it is not necessary or possible, this breed hates these methods. It minds rough vocal expressions of discontent owner.


It has to be hefty, but never too heavy dog. Height at withers ratio and body length must be as 5: 8. Height at withers male and female is from 34 to 38 cm. The skull is seen from the front, slightly arched and not too wide.

The nose is black, broad, nostrils open properly.

A scissor bite is required. Incisors must be planted vertically in the jaws.

Eyes are oval, remarkably deep set, brown colour, slight and sad expression. The eyelid rims should be black. The earlobes are an important feature of the breed. They must be set low, well below the line of the eye, narrow at the base, thin, crinkled, pointed at the ends. Stretched forward without the slightest violence it must go beyond their end nose.

The neck is adequately long, the neck slightly arched without overly large dewlap.

The tail should be strong at the root shape of a sickle. Towards the tip in its coat around longer and coarser guard hairs which give it an appearance similar rye ear. The rest must reach its end just to the substrate.

The chest is broad, appropriately long and deep so that it reaches below the elbows. Its depth is height at withers 2: 3. The sternum is a long, front underlying chest with sword extension and it overlying cartilage at the back end extends far back. The forelegs are strong. Their paws can be turned slightly outwards.

At the hind legs pass when viewed from behind an imaginary vertical line from the ischium, would pan on the middle of the thighs, hock, tarsus and feet.

Coat colour is balanced mixture of black and white coloured top coat, which has a blue shades.

Faults belong e.g. wide or above flat skull, round and bulging eyes, ears set high, broad, thick, and the ends are rounded, short neck, too long, soft topline, lack of substance (generally weak physique), separated by sword-like projection chest bones, flat fins, tail on one side.