Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier


Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier - Group III. - Terriers, Section 2 - Large-Terriers.

General Appearance:

This breed is an energetic, always determined, confident and quite a bit furious, but absolutely fearless, alert, playful, always optimistic and good-natured dog fully committed and loyal to its owners. It is an intelligent and reliable friend. The traditional greeting of the owner or the persons from family, it is familiarly, it provides greetings with wild dog jumping to lick the face of the incoming and earned the English name "wheaten greeting" (greeting Wheaten). Doing it we cannot prohibit it or it is impossible for it to chastise even punished.

It has an inclination to chase everything it escapes, this instinct is strong.  It tries wherever it has the slightest opportunity. Also, it is always ready if necessary it can deal confrontation with another dog and it does not leave unused any cause, no matter how your opponent is big. Despite this, it is considerably less aggressive than many other Terriers. It is not too tolerant of disobedient or downright malicious kids, but it is friendly and loving to those who know how to behave. With those it is always willing to play.


It is understood that in its view the licking is unambiguous statement recognition of the supremacy of the incoming. Its refusal could cause some confusion. According Canis is a gesture of subordination must always be accepted and if not, it can be understood as an expression of readiness to fight for the α-position in the pack. Dog can feel and have the impression that the hierarchical structure of society (family pack) changes, which may lead it to a desire to respond to it adequately, but for owners of undesirable manner, and this effort is about taking the position of pack leader.

Despite its irrepressible temperament it reacts positively to a meaningful, consistent education. It hates hard educational or training methods those are responsible unequivocal defensive aggression. Conversely, positive motivation (exultant praise, a treat) leads reliably to success, willingness to cooperate. It is essential for this breed a regular job, e.g. training of any dog sports. Owner needs perfectly consistent, tenacious graciously endowed with natural authority which is able at all times to promote non-violent, but they must get it every day and make time to spend with the dog.

Very early socialization is needed.  It should have been in the puppy age ample opportunity to become familiar with other animals, e.g. cats with which it is living in the same house, "but also with others, with which it will meet. If socialization is not really a systematic and orderly remains for it a beast of prey, it has a strong hunting instinct that tells it catch all.


It's well-built, compact and agile dog short body frame, giving the impression of strength. It must not be overly leggy or short-legged. Height at withers, male is 46-48 cm, female is slightly less. Weight of body is from 18 - 20.5 kg for female is lower.

The head should be large in general, but not coarse. Its length must match the size of the body. Hair on it is the same colour as elsewhere on the body. The skull should be flat and the earlobes too wide. The frontal slope (stop) is obvious.

Muzzle shall not be longer than the skull. Nose must be black, appropriately large. The jaws are strong, inspiring respect, able to bite hard. The teeth are large, regularly arranged in the jaws. Bite is required scissor or level, not undershot or overshot jaw is not allowed.

The eyes may be dark or dark hazel, not too large or protruding should be properly stored in orbit. The earlobes should be small to medium-sized, forward-banked, with folds at the upper line of the skull. It is permissible and is not uncommon, if the lower part of hair covering the ears darker shade, which passes towards the ends, in the light of wheat red. It is also the only place on the body where it can be an undercoat. Folded backwards or sideways drooping earlobes are considered a defect.

The neck is of moderate length and strong, without dewlap. Body should not be too long. Its length measured from the withers to tail corresponds roughly height at withers. Topline body is horizontal. The back should be firm and flat. The loin is short and strong. The tail must be properly set. It should not be too strong. It carried gaily, but they should never be over back. Times the original length of 2.3 to match the total size of the dog and balance it. Also docked admits.

Chest deep, ribs must be properly rounded. Shoulders forelegs should be fine, although strong, but not coarse, right oblique, muscular.

For movements directed action and hind legs straight forward as in step, and at a faster locomotion. Elbows same time they must remain. When viewed from the side must be free movement light, coordinated.

Coat consists only of the outer coat, which is palpably soft and silky, never to be tough. This is not true for young individuals. Grooming is admissible. The hair must be soft, wavy or loosely curled, must be corded or fluffy. Such hair is severely penalized. Special attention should be paid to the development of the body's wall covers. It is rarely born with a hair colour and texture, which is required in adulthood. Therefore, it must be paid at the time of growth of the male or female reasonable care to achieve the desired quality.

Before the adult coat develops, goes through several changes of colour and texture. Puppies are coloured reddish, greyish and sometimes clear wheaten red. The usual is among them a black mask. Sometimes extends through the middle of the back with black bars on the body or hairs have black tips. The dark colour is disappearing during the growth. The desirable qualities reaches the hair is usually between 18 and 30 months of age.