Boxer - Group II. - Pinschers and Schnauzers, Molossoid breeds, Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs.

General Appearance:

The dog is temperamentally balanced, calm, optimistic, friendly, soulful, but also confident and energetic. Its loyalty and love the owner and his entire family, including children, it is literally proverbial. It never does any false or deceit, which also it applies to elderly individuals. To the members of the family is always completely harmless with sincere respect of others. Special it shows patience with children and therefore, especially with smaller ones, but it is   necessary to pay attention to children, whether consciously or unconsciously, they can hurt the dog.

It is practically always in a good mood and it is almost always willing to play, when the game is cheerful and friendly. Its watchfulness and fearless courage in defence of persons and property it is exemplary. If there is any danger, it can be reasonably sharp. As a beloved companion dog should not be kept in any case permanently in an outdoor kennel. Not just because, as another short-haired, there it can be accommodated throughout the year (if not available heated shed), but mainly because it suffers mentally. It has the compulsive need to live with "its people" to participate in family life - "pack" to be full members.


It gets well with pets, e.g. with cats and other dogs, based on quite well, others (guinea pigs, dwarf rabbits, rats, etc.) It should be able to become accustomed at an early age, but even then it is not recommended to leave it with them alone. It could play with them a little way disproportionate to their physical abilities.

Its education is relatively easy and it can handle even a complete beginner-owner. Boxer is naturally willing and ready to "its people" to comply. Its relationship with them an evident effort to "communicate" with them, it reflects not only in the rich mimicking of the face, but the whole body. The ideal owner should make every effort to these optical signals, intense nonverbal communication, understand the benefit of mutual and mutually beneficial coexistence preceded misunderstandings and did not see e.g. smiling dog as a threat. Even a friendly breed education must be conducted consistently, although always graciously and kindly.

Due to its energy, courage and sense of smell is excellent dog. Boxer is reliable defender and a dog. It is training, if properly conducted. It does not make bigger problems. It is an intelligent dog that loves and is a willing friend. Because it needs plenty of exercise, but also adequate mental activity, is it regular training and enrichment welcome part of life.


This is a medium-sized, short, smooth coat, but always elegant dog square body frame and accordingly strong bones. Muscling should be dry, expressive and vividly rendered under the skin. It should never be either too heavy or unwieldy, nor light or weedy. Length of body is equal to height at withers, which means that the body is short and horizontal line tangential to the dorsal side of the body consists of a square with perpendiculars, which extend shoulder joint and buttock on pelvis. Height at withers, male is 57 to 63 cm and in females from 53 to 59 cm. Weight of body, male is over 30 kg for females and more than 25 kilograms.

The head gives the breed characteristic expression. Size must match the total size of the individual and must be neither too light nor excessively heavy. It should be dry skin on it should not constitute a skin folds, only when increased attention wrinkles appear on the top and another that stretch from the bridge of the nose is always down both sides of the muzzle.

The muzzle must be in all directions appropriately massive, must not be pointed at the end, narrow or short, or flat. Its shape is conditioned by the shape of the jaw position of canines and lips. The canines must be as far apart as possible and adequately long, making the front surface of the muzzle broad, almost square, and when viewed from the side makes with the muzzle obtuse angle.

At the front edge of the upper lip touches the edge of the lower lip. Upward curved arch of the lower jaw with lower lip, called the "chin", must not markedly protrude over upper lip, but not beneath it  or lose, they must be viewed from the front or from the side clearly visible. The lower incisors must be like a language with closed mouth visible. The lips complete the shape of the muzzle. The top is thick and padded and fills the gap arising due to the different length of the jaw. It is supported by the lower canines. The vertical furrow that divides the upper lip on the front half is visible.

The earlobes are a reasonable size and are kept in their natural state (cropped). To be deployed as high as possible and still adjacent to the cheek. Especially in the heat of passion are rotated forward while on them shows a marked fold.

The neck should be reasonably long, strong and muscular, on an imaginary circular cross-section. Line of neck runs an elegant arch from the clearly marked nape to the withers. Body has to be short. Withers is evident, the spine must be short, firm, straight, broad and muscular as loins.

The croup should be slightly sloping, flatly rounded and wide. Pan, which forms the bone substrate, must be long, especially in females sufficiently wide. The tail should be high rather than low set, unabridged and normally carried.

The chest is so deep that it reaches to the elbows. The chest is significant. Ribs are well sprung, but not barrel-shaped, and the last extends far back. The bottom line of the body raises graceful arc toward the rear. Short taut flanks slightly rolled up. Limbs must be adequately strong chest when viewed from the front straight and parallel to each other, strong bones.

The coat is short, hard, shiny and perfectly smooth. Colouration may be yellow or brindle. Yellow can be in various shades, from pale yellow to deep red deer. The most beautiful is considered medium red and yellow (gold) colour. On the muzzle is black mask. In the brindle colour on a yellow background is dark or in black stripes running parallel to ribs. Basic colour and stripes must clearly distinguish between each other. White markings are permissible, they can even be attractive.