Briquet Griffon Vendéen


Briquet Griffon Vendéen Hound-Group VI. - Scenthounds and related breeds, Section - Medium sized Hounds.

General Appearance:

Its feature is a fine sense of smell, it is a fast dog and it has a pleasant voice. It never minds any work in bushy areas and it is hunting in a very different and difficult areas. It works - it is called by high nose (sniffing).

It is initiative, robust and powerful dog, it is possible to use those breed equally well by both -searching and chasing. It is literally up immeasurably avid hunter, but it must be led from an early age with the kind of control for consistency since it excels in considerable autonomy (which is indeed own the vast majority hounds). It is sometimes classified as will fullness, but based on ratings rather than the fact of the opinion hunters who are either unwilling or unable to understand the specific characteristics and behavioural foundation of this breed and adapt to it.


If the owner uses during its education and training the methods with which succeeded by other breeds, owner is usually disappointed that these methods do not bring success. Owner often blames the dog, but not himself. Although this breed can be very friendly, so it could also be sympathetic social breed, it relies almost exclusively as a hunting dog, mainly in the country of origin.


This is a rough-hound medium size and relatively sturdy, but always proportionate physique. Height at withers male is from 50 to 55 cm and in females from 48 to 53 cm (with a tolerance of + / -1 cm for both sexes).

The head should be quite easy. The skull is slightly above domed, rather short and too wide. Its top of the line must be viewed from the side in an imaginary extension line of the muzzle.

The nose should be large, black, with the exception of individual coloured white and orange, those brownish colours are tolerated. The bite should be scissors and the teeth should be set square to the jaws.

Dark colour, size and their view is alive. Ears are set low, below the eye-line, to be smooth, narrow and fine, pointed at the ends, long hair. Stacey is corkscrew inside and stretched forward, exceeding its end of its nose.

The tail is set high, rather short and thick at the root and relatively quickly tapering toward the tip. It is carried sabre curved to sickle.

The chest is deep enough and not too wide, reaching to the elbow joints. The forelegs are straight and parallel when viewed from any direction, strong, but not rude.

The hindquarters should be powerful, straight and parallel when viewed from either side. Feet should not be too big. They are strong padded, toes well arched and tight, nails strong. Desirable is full of antipersonnel pigmentation of nails and pads.

Skin is stronger, but flexible, often marbled tricolour. It must not be excessively loose, without folds and wrinkles. The hair is long, but not excessively, rough by the touch, sometimes shaggy. The undercoat should be thick. Belly must be bare, which also applies to the inner thighs.

Coat colour can be black with white spotted (white-black, white and black), black with rich or light tan (black and tan, with tan markings can be variously deep), fawn with white spotted (white and orange, white and orange), fawn with black mantle and white spotting (i.e. tricolour) fawn with black shading, sand with black shading and white spotted, sand with a mask and black shading. Shaded colours are usually called by the final appearance of "hare", "wolf", "badger" or "wild boar".

Fault is considered too bulky head resembling a large rough-Vendeen Hound, de-pigmentation of the nose, lips and eyelids, too long muzzle, pincer bite, light coloured eyes, ears too long, flat, set high and covered with short hair, cylindrical or Whippet resembling body, soft back, sloping, too long or at rest sideways facing tail, weak bones legs too straight angulations, soft pasterns.