Serbian Tricolour Hound


Serbian Tricolour Hound - Group VI. - Scenthounds and related breeds, Section 1.2 Medium sized Scenthounds.

General Appearance:

Character is a vivacious, lively and energetic, friendly, reliable, remarkably tenacious. Out of its origin country it is a rare breed.
However, it needs plenty of exercise it  is  the best for the dog  to stay in the wild forest but  it must  not be  always on a leash when it does not work, search, etc., however if it gets  the track of  game, it follows at once.


Visually, it's very brightly coloured hound, one of the prettiest. It is a medium-sized dog strong physique. The distance from the top of the breastbone after buttock pan (length of the body) is 10% larger than height at withers, body frame is rectangular. Height at withers male is from 45 to 55 (ideal. 51) cm female is from 44 to 54 (ideal. 49) cm.

The head is elongated, narrow. Its total length measured from the tip of the nose to the top of the occipital part should be equal to 45% height at withers. The nose is appropriately large, always black. Jaws should be strong with regular complete scissor bite, pincer bite is not permissible.

The eyes are almond-shaped to oval, medium sized, slightly oblique. The edges of the eyelids should be dark, preferably black. The colour of the iris should preferably be as dark as possible. The earlobes are set high, medium length, moderately broad, thin rather than thick. They are adjacent to the cheek. The tops are lightly rounded oval.

The neck is strong and almost as long as the head, the neck slightly arched. Its axis forms with the horizontal an angle 45-50 °.

The tail should be infinitely extending the line of the croup. At the root is strong, towards the tip tapers, reaching to the hocks. It is slightly arched upward curved, carried below the topline of the body and heavily furred.

The chest should be capacious, its depth is 50% height at withers and circumference measured just behind the elbows is 20% greater than height at withers. Forechest must be seen from the front, and oval-shaped when viewed from the side protrudes slightly in front of the shoulder joint.

The front legs are strong, straight, powerfully muscled and parallel. Feet should be called-cat with strong, tight toes. The pads must have adequate size and should be a dark colour. The nails are strong, dark preferred.

The hindquarters should be strong, straight and muscular, parallel to each other, femur massive, properly muscled are straight. Feet are slightly longer than the forequarters, with strong, tight toes, dark and tough padded and solid dark-coloured claws.

The outer coat is short, dense, shiny and adjacent to the whole body, rather dense undercoat. Behind the thighs and on the underside of the tail the hair is a little longer.

Basic coat colour is deep red fox or a black mantle or saddle and white markings. The black colour can pull up from the back to the head, which may consist of two black marks on the cheeks. White colour forms on the head in the middle of bald, which stretches up to muzzle and neck, which forms a partial or complete "collar".

Front chest white is tolerated, which stretches to the bottom side of the chest, abdomen and inner sides of the hindquarters. The tip of the tail may be white. White colour should not be spread more than 1/3 of the body surface.

Faults include aggression or fearfulness, overshot or undershot jaw, missing teeth (absence of two first premolars P1, but tolerated), glass (off white) eyes, too elongated body, tail curled, carried too high, arched curl over the back end of a hook curved or angled to the side.