Spanish Hound


Spanish Hound - Group VI. - Scenthounds and related breeds, Section - Medium sized Hounds.

General Appearance:

Its character is balanced, dedicated to owner, gentle and friendly, good-natured. Like most hounds it behaves differently during hunting and at home. With other dogs tolerated well with cats and other pets too. It needs early socialization to get to used all pets.


Because it is used for hunting it decides entirely independently about the current situation, any owner cannot expect absolute mindless obedience. Training requires some owner´s understanding due to its independence. Any coercive methods will not only effect whatsoever, but it will make the dog very sad even frightened. Education must be consistent, but sensitive. Parfors training is absolutely inadmissible. Harsh methods are not possible.


This is a medium sized dog of a rectangular body length exceeds significantly height at withers about 7-10 cm. The body is elongated, with a massive ribcage remarkably large girth and length. The head should be pleasing, refined, with long earlobes. The skeleton must be firm, limbs are strong.

Height at withers, male is from 52 to 57 cm for female is from 48 to 53 cm. For individuals with excellent physique tolerates its excess of 1 cm. Sexual dimorphism is significant, between males and females differences are apparent at first glance. The head should be long and the size must match the size of the body.

Nose is large, mostly with fully open nostrils. Its colour may be light brown to deep black, must always match the colour of the visible mucous membranes (the edges of the lips and eyelids, mouth).

Require a scissor bite. The teeth are white, healthy, powerful canines. Premolars (P) must be the full amount.

Eyes should be medium-sized, almond shaped, dark hazel in colour. Their expression is noble and intelligent. The eyelid rims should be pigmented. While it is relaxing it may be slightly relaxed.

Earlobes are big, long, hanging on palpation soft, rectangular shape, rounded tops, set below the line of the eye, corkscrew loosely coiled. Stretched ahead without any violence it must intervene clearly through the nose. Just under the skin makes them visible on a network of veins.

The neck has the shape of a truncated cone is broad and strong, muscular and agile. Skin on it must be strong enough loose form well-defined lobe, which should not be overly large.

The tail should be moderately high, thick at root, strong overall, covered with short hair forming at the tip of a small swab. In repose hanging slightly bent reaching below the hock. When the work and the movement is carried higher but not too high, sickle and moves continuously from side to side. It should never be stuck vertically over the back or being adjacent to the stern.

The chest is huge. It consists of strongly ribbed and wide rib, which together with the width, length and depth of one of the conditions of its tonnage. When viewed from the side to reach the elbows.

The forelegs must be perfectly vertical to the ground, straight and parallel to each other. They seem relatively short and muscles and tendons on them are clearly visible. Their bones should be strong.

The hindquarters should be powerful, muscular, properly angled, in stance correct (vertical to the substrate). They are available dog's strength, agility and ability restful reflection, which is necessary for tracking in rugged terrain with large differences in height.

The coat should be thick, short, fine and close. Evenly covers the entire body, including the inter-digital spaces.

Colour is white and orange, with a predominance of one or the other colours, forming distinctly outlined patches of irregular shape, but never dotting. Orange may be different hue from very light (lemon) to dark maroon.