Great Anglo-French White and Orange Hound


Great Anglo-French White and Orange Hound - Group VI - Scenthounds and related breeds, Section 1 - Large sized hounds.


This is a strong, powerful dog, by its expression of building its head. In its veins is running blood more of English Blood Hounds than in the veins of the great Anglo-French Tricolour Hound. Height at withers is 60-70 cm.

The head is rather short and wide. Skull should be rather broad and flat above, without striking occipital part. Browridges are not visible. The frontal slope (stop) is clearly declining. The nose may be black or brown-orange. The muzzle is relatively short. Lips overlapping lower jaw and give the muzzle angular shape.

The eyes are large, brown or darker. The earlobes are deployed in the eye level line or slightly above it, suspended for a fairly broad base, relatively thick, slightly curled inwards corkscrew rather short.

The neck is straight, with not large dewlap. The back should be broad, muscular shoulders are broad, rather short. The croup should be rounded. The tail is long, sometimes near the tip round with a relatively small amount of longer, coarser, somewhat off guard hairs, so little like corn ear.

The chest must be fairly large and deep. The ribs are long, slightly arched. Weaknesses should be well filled (slack). The forelegs should be strong, broad in position and vertical to ground. Blades are flat against the chest and strongly muscled. The hindquarters are powerful, muscular thighs and hocks mindlessly bent low over the base. Feet: Rather round. Movement should be light.

Skin is white with orange or yellow spots. The coat should be short, not too hard. The colouring can be white or yellow-white-orange, orange must not be too rich, with a hint of red. Any faults from the standard requirements must be considered as defects and evaluated according to severity.

Defects include a lack of distinctiveness, de-pigmentation of the nose, narrow muzzle, overshot or undershot jaw, bright eyes, very much dewlap on the neck, tail inclining over the croup and loin or curved to the side, a different colour of hair than in the standard ( black or red spots).