Shikoku - Group V. - Spitz and primitive types, Section 5 - Asian Spitz and related breeds. Recognized in 1995.

General Appearance:

Shikoku dog is very hardy, robust, active, bright, energetic and very attentive, devoted to its owner. But also it excels in extreme independence and self-confidence, which is reflected not only in the hunt, when it relies mainly on itself and waits for commands owner in everyday situations. It is considered the toughest of the original Japanese Spitz, and why even today most often it is used to hunt wild boar. Thanks to the remarkable tenacity and agility still it is used especially in mountainous regions.


Although the owners and family members it is friendly and helpful, it is not suitable for everyone. It is suitable for people tolerant, peaceful and consistent with natural authority. The owner must understand the mentality and must train it with an iron, but kindly consistency from a very early age, always without any coercion. Slavish obedience we cannot expect. It is a very intelligent dog and with the right approach it learns quickly.

As a guard dog is always alert, ready to defend itself and its owner as a hunting dog shows at work unusual passion indeed enthusiasm, great sharpness for -varmint and exceptional adaptability to different climatic conditions, it does not matter either extreme cold or hot, always reliance on it. While there is a hunt it begins energetically and actively, at home it is a calm and quiet companion.

It has considerable demands on movement, free range, however. It is advisable only on fenced land. This breed has the strength of hunting instinct and by the character foundation is not advisable to let it run off the leash during walks. Options hunting use in European conditions are limited, outside the country it is used mainly as a companion and watchdog. It is best for people actively dealing with tourism and the outdoors.


This is a medium-sized dog perfectly balanced physique, compact, strong constitution, strong bones, dry but powerful and clearly rendered musculature. The format of the body is short rectangular. The height at withers, male is about 52 cm in females about 46 cm of tolerance in both sexes +/- 3 cm.

The head has a broad forehead. Frontal slope is gradual, but distinct, muzzle relatively long, wedge-shaped. The nasal dorsum should be straight, black nose. Lips are tightly fitting to the jaws and teeth. Teeth strong, scissor bite should be. Cheeks should be strong thanks to the muscles rounded.

Eyes should be fairly small, triangular in shape, stored in eyecups quite far apart, with dark brown iris. The earlobes are small, triangle-shaped, slightly angled forward and firmly pricked. The neck is strong, broad, tap tall, striking, back straight and strong. Loins are wide and muscular.

The tail should be high, thick, carried high, tightly curled or curved sickle over the back and shoulders. If it is drawn down, the tip nearly reaching hocks.

The chest must be deep, ribs should be adequately arched. The abdomen is noticeably tucked up. The forelegs are slightly oblique, very muscular shoulder blades. Elbows are close to the body. The forearms are straight and dryly muscled pasterns when viewed from the side slightly askew. Feet must be closely knit and well-arched toes with strong and flexible padded and hard, black or dark-coloured claws.

The hindquarters should be powerful and powerfully muscled, hocks moderately angulated and very tough. The movement is flexible, with the legs fairly close together, light, fast, with swift turnovers.

The top coat should be harsh and straight, tail relatively long, soft, dense undercoat. The coat can be sesame (consisting of a uniform mixture of white and black guard hairs), black sesame (composed of a mixture contains more black than white guard hairs) or red sesame (composed of a mixture of red and black guard hairs).

Any faults from the foregoing should be considered a fault and accurately assessed according to the degree of expression. Defects include female type dogs (poorly marked secondary sexual characteristics, so the dog looks at first glance like a bitch), masculine females (  female looks at first look like a male ), small adjoining overshot or undershot jaw, long hair, pusillanimity . To negative defects belong aggression or fearfulness, big overshot or undershot jaw, otherwise than carried erect ears, tail hanging or short.