Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen


Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen - Group VI. - Scenthounds and related breeds, Section - Small sized Hounds.

General Appearance:

Its character is a cheerful, intelligent, obedient, docile, lively, inquisitive, resourceful and enthusiastic in any action based social dog that is also very sensitive and confident. It can attract hardly everybody by its   typical French charm and comic manner.

With other dogs and even cats (if it had the opportunity to accustom them at early age) and other domestic pets it gets very well. It is even friendly to unfamiliar people, thanks to its vigilance it is reliable, it is "funny" guard dog, loud barking that alerts the owner about anything unusual  what is happening in the area.


As the owner of its action it can literally charmed, and when necessary, it certainly it requires its training calm, prudence, patience and above all consistency. Owner cannot require and expect slavish obedience by this breed, despite its small size it is big personalities, but it is real an obedient dog in a good relationship with man, based on mutual understanding and trust.


This is a small dog moving and energetic, with a slightly elongated body. Height at withers is from 34 to 38 cm with a tolerance of + / -1 cm. The head should be strong, with long, hanging earlobes.

The nose performs when viewed from the front of the lips is a big and open. It has to be black, but white-orange colour when it is tolerated brownish colour. A scissor bite is required.

Eyes should be fairly large, intelligent expression. Conjunctiva and sclera cannot be seen. Hair over eyes, eyebrows forms that project forward but should not obscure the eyes. They must be dark.

The earlobes are set below the eyes, hanging, flexible, narrow, fine, covered with long hair lengthwise corkscrew, oval-topped. Not quite reaching the end of its nose should not be excessively long. Coat is long on them.

The tail is set high, at root quite strong, towards the tip tapers. Not too long, carried proudly up like sickle.

The chest should not be too broad, rather deep, reaching to the elbows.

Coat rough, but not too long, it must never be silky or woolly.

To negative defects includes total atypical look overshot or undershot jaw, called glass (whitish) or different coloured eyes, carinate (at the level of the sternum too narrow, angular) chest, which is the result of a little arched distal ends of the fins, tail deformed (gnarled , wrapped), forelegs moderately or severely crooked, woolly coat uniformly black or white colour.