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  • Brit Care Salmon Oil

    11.01.2019 | 0 comments

    Hi, I would like to know whether your product "Brit Care Salmon Oil" is cold pressed or not. Thanks for your...

  • Labrador

    04.01.2019 | 1 comment

    Hello, can me tell you how many kcal labrador must have it by 9 montsh age, It is so diferent when I see a forums. What is...

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Ing. Martin Kváš
Nutrition specialist

MVDr. Jan Šíma

Friends animals

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    Dogs are an inseparable part of our lives. But how to do it when your dream is to travel around the world on a sailboat or any oth…
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    The second day of Hindi festival called Tihar is devoted to dogs. Their loyalty and devotion is celebrated, they are honoured as c…

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