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12.2.2019 Answers: 1 Nina Grzyborska

Hi! I have an overweight border collie. He's 6 and vet recommended for him to lose at least 4kg. I'mean after getting your fit and slim food with turkey and your chart seems to look all wrong. How come you recommend larger portions for weight reduction and smaller portions for keeping him fit? What amount should I feed to him? I've been feeding him only 80g of Acana twice a day so 250g seems like twice the amount :o Please let me know by email. Thank you. Nina & Zephyr

Nutrition Border collie

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  • Ing. Martin Kváš
    Nutrition specialist


    Hallo, pls, could You write me on mail martin.kvas@vafo.cz, where You get information mentioned above? I checked production list of this food, everything is OK. For Your dog is recommended daily amount of food 70 g/day. May You found this info on internet. Pls consider that we do not response for such information. Only info on bags is valid. Have nice day Martin Kvas


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